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Freenode issues

Not only was (and is) Freenode being hit by some bored kiddy – to add insult to the injury they’re currently experiencing major stability issues, resulting in many netsplits throughout the day.

As JonathanD writes in their most-recent blogpost they’ve been “facing some fairly major splits today as there have been issues between some of our major hubs” and that they’ve “rerouted these and are working on tracing down the cause of any other splits” and that their “staff are already hard at work on these issues and will resolve them as quickly as possible”.

The following global notices have been sent on the network to let the users know what is going on:

[Global Notice] Hi all, we appear to be having some connectivity issues with our main US hub, as a result of this we are temporarily without  services, if this affects your channel please contact staff in #freenode for assistance. We’re looking into the issues as we speak. Thank you for your patience.

[Global Notice] Hi all, we’re having some major issues with connectivity at the DC hosting one of our hidden hubs, I’m going to re-route around it,  which will cause about twice as much noise as the splits already made. Apologies for the inconvenience.

JonathanD also notes that “these and other issues are a large part of the reason for the upcoming migration to ircd-seven, and we still need your help in that regard.” They are “still in need help testing the new ircd and working out the bugs”, so if you feel like being part of the solution he asks you to “have a look at this posting for information on how you can test the new ircd.”

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