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KVIrc Ubuntu Karmic build is broken

In the most recent newspost on the KVIrc website developer HelLViS69 writes that certain features of the IRC-client are broken on Ubuntu Karmic Koala.

He writes that “all popups are missing, and many actions on IRC return a parser error”. After installing the supposedly broken client we’ve indeed been able to confirm this as right-clicking on nicknames in the nicklist does not produce the expected popup but fails silently.

Doing the same in the channel window results in a more noisy error:

[KVS] Runtime Error: Popup channel is not defined
[KVS]   in script context “OnChannelNickPopupRequest::default”, line 1, near character 14
Event handler OnChannelNickPopupRequest::default is broken: disabling

which can also be seen in the following screenshot:

KVIrc error

KVIrc error

In order to avoid these problems HelLViS69 suggests to “use KVIrc’s staff packages, which can be found at“.

Happy IRC’ing! ;)

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