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lightIRC flash webchat releases 0.9.6

lightIRC, the “fast, free, flash-based IRC client written in ActionScript 3″ just released version 0.9.6 of their embeddable webchat.

Quoting their webpage, “lightIRC supports channels, queries, a lot of IRC commands, some CTCP commands and is much customizable through StyleSheets” and also has “multi language support” as well as a “nice GUI to set kicks, bans and channel modes”.

lightIRC Webinterface

lightIRC Webinterface

Since this version, lightIRC got a webcam feature which uses the Red5 streaming server as its backend, though thats currently only available on their IRCd – but you can contact the author if “you are interested in purchasing the webcam extension for your IRC network”.

The complete changelog reads as follows:

  • Added buttons and icons for a better user experience. If you do not like it, the old lightIRC GUI can be restored with showNavigationBar = “no” and showActionsButton = “yes”
  • Right-click menu for the user list offers features to ignore/kick/ban/op/query users with one click
  • The commands /ignore nick, /unignore nick, /ignores make you able to mute people
  • Added translations for Dutch (nl), Swedish (se), Finnish (fi), Romanian (ro), Estonian (ee), Serbian Cyrillic (sr_cyr) and Serbian Latin (sr_lat)
  • Clicking a nickname in the chat area selects that user in the user list
  • Commands can be put into the parameter “perform” and will be executed on connect. Example: “/mode nick +x,/msg nick2 hello”
  • User list does not scroll to top anymore if a user joins or parts
  • Refactored user list sorting algorithm again (much faster in channels with many users and lots of joins/parts)
  • User list in channels is now draggable and can therefore be resized. Initial width can be set through userListWidth to any value >= 130 or 0 to hide the user list completely
  • Font color resets automatically to default if +c is set in a channel
  • Parameter “fontSize” lets you adjust how large fonts in text input and chat area should be displayed. It defaults to 12px
  • Changed the parameter infoLineColorCode to infoLineColor that takes now RGB values: default is #fc7f00
  • New sound for message alert
  • Parameter “doubleClickForQuery” (default: “no”) disables the user central and opens a query upon doubleclicking a nickname
  • Fix: Topic overflows the available space
  • Fix: When using /msg #channel or /msg nick the message will not be displayed to the chat area
lightIRC userlist popup

lightIRC userlist popup

You can find the download here.

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