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IRCServices version 5.1.21 released

Andrew Church just released IRCServices version 5.1.21 which now officially are at their “end of life” and are no longer developed besides for bugfixing.

Although this comes as no surprise as Andrew has announced that beforehand it is still sad to see the services he maintained for 14 years now go stale.

In his last posting on the services mailing list he writes that he’s now “taking down the Services website and mailing lists shortly following this announcement” but also notes that he will “continue to accept reports of bugs which significantly affect security or stability and release updates to version 5.1 as necessary” but that there “will be no further updates to version 5.0 in any case, even for security-related issues”

The changelog for this last release is rather short and only has minor bugfixes:

2010/01/01      Updated documentation to reflect end-of-life status.
2009/11/10      Fixed a few bugs in importing XML data, and removed empty channel access list entries from exported XML data. Reported by Charalampos Pournaris
2009/11/07      Fixed minor memory leak and failure to apply CSAutokickMax setting in ChanServ AKICK ADD.  Reported by Charalampos Pournaris
2009/11/07      Fixed cosmetic bugs in some LIST commands and potential leakage of memory contents to database files.  Reported by Charalampos Pournaris

Closing his announcement he thanks “you all once again for your support over the years. Best wishes, Andrew Church”

Best wishes to you too from here :)

I’d also like to wish all readers a Happy New Year 2010 from IRC-Junkie!

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