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IRCtoo has "Open Link Month"

IRCtoo, a network founded on 1st of April 2001, now has an “Open Link Month” in January.

Network founder driz explains what this means: “Basically, we’re allowing hub admins to hand out C/N lines to anyone at their discretion” and the only requirements to receive those are “that the servers run our modified version of Bahamut IRCD, a Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor (both available at, and time synchronization such as NTPD”

IRCtoos currently has servers in the U.S., Canada and Israel and is looking for links from all over the world – provided the server has decent specs.

The modifications they’ve included in their IRCd, amongst others, are client-side SSL and a network-wide spamfilter.

So, if you have some resources to donate to a network, give it a try.

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