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IRCd-Hybrid derivate "esphyb" releases version 1.0.4 [Updated]

[Update] Version 1.0.5 has been released for a important fix regarding a crashbug in the /invite command!

esphyb, an IRCd forked from IRCd-Hybrid that is developed and used on EsperNet, is now available as version 1.0.4.

The features that have been introduced in their custom version include:

  • Colorless channels (+c/+C), oper-only channels (+O), identified-user channels (+R, +M)
  • Smarter CAPTURE/UNCAPTURE (aliased to HURT/HEAL)
  • Configuration-driven “services” aliases, like /NickServ and /NS
  • SVSMODE for usermodes +a and +r
  • SVSNICK for “services”-driven nick changes
  • WEBIRC support for web-to-IRC gateways like CGI:IRC and Mibbit
  • OPME and OJOIN for emergency channel management

as well as “SSL support, longer ban/exception/invite lists, longer channel names, IPv6 support and CallerID/server-side ignore”.

The changes from the previous version, 1.0.2, are the following:

  • BUGFIX: /invite no longer allows users to invite banned users.
  • BUGFIX: bump HOSTLEN to 255 per RFC1123
  • BUGFIX: hide hidden servers from /links, /map, and /who for non-operators
  • BUGFIX: Fix IP-based WEBIRC bans
  • FEATURE: Filter out part messages with colors or control characters from +c/+C channels
  • FEATURE: Add SSL-only channels (cmode +z, also includes umode +z)
  • FEATURE: Notice channel operators on /invite
  • PLATFORM: Fix build on x86-64 Linux
  • HELP SYSTEM: Updates for new usermodes and various corrections

The IRCd can be downloaded from here.

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