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Quassel IRC client releases version 0.5.2

The Quassel IRC project – “a modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client based on the Qt4 framework” – has released a bugfix release of their IRC client which is now available as version 0.5.2.

This bugfix release mainly contains “build system fixes for recent versions of KDE and Qt” and “some issues with netsplit handling have also been fixed”. A bug that made the menu-bar vanish has been fixed and if you are affected you now can “use the context menu on the chatview to re-enable it”.

Due to the recent floodings of mass CTCPs to channels on freenode they added an option that allows you to forbid replys to certain CTCP types for the network you choose.

Developer Sput writes that “Since Freenode has fixed the problem the other day, using this should no longer be necessary for now” which is not entirely true – the fix itself is the addition of a channelmode that doesn’t allow channel-wide CTCPs (+C) which however has to be enabled to come into effect.

The download can be found here.

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  • Sputnick says:

    Thanks for reporting so quickly :)

    Some comments:

    a) The “vanishing menubar” isn’t a but, it’s a feature. We allow hiding the menubar via the menu, and we keep getting users who do that without noting the shortcut to get it back (Ctrl+M as in many other applications). Hence the context menu.

    b) I think Freenode’s new ircd fixes the vulnerability that allowed the flooding in the first place (the HTTP POST thing). So even without the user mode, the attacks have stopped. In any case, the option was quite useful the past week, and it’s still around should it be necessary again :)

    Thanks again,
    ~ Sput

    January 31, 2010 at 9:49 pm

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