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InspIRCd 2.0 beta 2 is available [Updated]

The upcoming 2.0 release of the well-known InspIRCd has a new beta release – being at beta2 now – available for download.

Developer danieldg writes in the announcement on their website that “enough has been done on 2.0 that it’s probably a good idea to release another beta”.

With this release, version 2.0 of the IRCd enters an “unofficial feature freeze” and danieldg says that “hopefully the protocol won’t need any further tweaks”.

Continuing the announcement he asks for beta testers of the upcoming new version that could test it “especially in a live environment” and stressed that version 2.0 is able to be linked to a network that is running InspIRCd 1.2 – to “get real network traffic”.

If you however don’t want to risk the stability of your real network – which shouldn’t be the case according to danieldg – you can also link an IRCd to the InspIRCd Dev/QA testnet.

If you feel like beta testing and want to link to their testnet you need to inquire about that in their IRC channel here.

A full changelog as well as a link to the download can be found here.

[Update]: Developer danieldg just announced a bugfix release in the stable tree – version 1.2.4 fixes just one crashbug that only happened on “certain netsplits that had been difficult to reproduce on test servers”. The download can be obtained from here.

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