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KVIrc recommends updates for freenode users

The KVIrc team has issued an update of their IRC client although it’s technically still at RC2.

The update is recommended for all users of the freenode IRC network that experience problems with “Excess Flood” disconnects from the network, mostly due to autojoining a large number of channels where the client automatically issues a series of commands (/WHO, gets channelmodes and lists of bans as well as ban and invite exemptions) – neither of those events have been rate-limited in the past.

Also, users of the psyBNC and ZNC bouncers (possibly others too) that experienced a bug with the client – searching for CAPABILITIES would hang the connection – can look forward to a fix for that in the new snapshots.

If you want to use a version from their SVN repository, you’re urged to use at least revision 3940 if you’re experiencing said “Excess Floods” and if you want to use features like quiet bans and authentication via SASL (which have been introduced lately on freenode) you should install at least revision 3959.

To retrieve KVIrc from SVN use this command:

svn co

To get an already compiled version, take a look at their snapshot directories for your OS on their FTP.

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