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InspIRCd 1.2.5 stable and 2.0 beta 3 has been released

Shortly after the last two releases, the InspIRCd project released another bugfix release in their stable tree as well as another release in their 2.0 branch, which is now at beta 3.

The stable tree of the IRCd is now at version 1.2.5 which fixes the “crash-on-delink bug that 1.2.4 was intended to fix” but in the end only “one method of triggering the bug” has been fixed then.

Developer danieldg continues that this release is “more thoroughly tested” and also fixes a “100% CPU use bug in epoll that will require an ircd restart to fix if you have hit it”.

The 2.0 beta 3 release has the “same netsplit crash fixes as the 1.2 stable line, and a few other module fixes” with the most important change being that “DNSBL and GeoIP modules can now be used to assign connect blocks, which could be used to implement complex restrictions like only allowing TOR for valid accounts”.

The downloads can be found in the announcement here or checked out from their Subversion repository.

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