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ratbox-services release version 1.2.3

ratbox-services, a services package for use with IRCd-ratbox is now available as version 1.2.3 in their stable tree.

ratbox services logo

ratbox services logo

They are “highly configurable, with nearly all options being set in a config that can be rehashed rather than set at compile time. It also uses the SQLite database backend, which works as a database interface to a normal file, meaning no seperate database software must be running”.

The new release has some feature additions for their channel listing service, ALIS, which now lets you search for channels with the +S mode (SSL-only channels). This release also fixes a +S/ALIS related “minor buffer overflow” at the same time.

Besides a small number of other bugfixes there also was a problem fixed with permanent bans set via chanserv that weren’t applying to users joining said channel.

The announcement on their mailinglist says that “everyone running ratbox-services-1.2.2 should upgrade to this version” so grab the download from here and perform the upgrade ;)

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