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AndChat for Android updated to 1.2.8

AndChat (previously known as AndroidIRC), a free and powerful IRC client for the Android platform, has been updated and is now available at version 1.2.8.

AndChat Channelview

AndChat Channelview

The free – although not Open Source’d – client provides a great number of features such as multi-server and SSL support, highlights and notifications, timestamps, a scrollback buffer and nick-completion – and it reportedly works with all major bouncers.

AndChat Options Menu

AndChat Options Menu

The new version, available since today, has a few bugfixes and new features added:

	* Various minor bug fixes
	* Fixed not being able to join password protected chan after kick
	* Fixed KICK command not being parsed correctly for some servers
	* Fixed being unable to close a tab after being kick
	* Thread issue fixed
	+ Customizable notification tone added
	+ Added option to disable auto-correction/auto-capitalization
	+ When highlighted in channel out of view, arrow pops up to tell you
	# New icons (Thanks Umair!)
	# Tweaks to ensure service is killable when no servers connected
	# Donate version now available!
(* = Fixed; + = Added new; # = Enhancement)

For new users of the client there is an extensive documentation available online which is pretty useful since some of the usual commands differ or have shortcuts available which helps when typing on small keyboards.

To download and install the application you should check the download page which has further instructions – Happy IRC’ing :)

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