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Yaaic – Yet another Android IRC client 0.1 Beta released

The Yaaic project – short for “Yet another Android IRC client” – just released a 0.1 Beta version of their IRC client for the Android platform.

The announcement came via Twitter from @Yaaic who had posted a screenshot of the first-ever query handled by his IRC client earlier:

Yaaics first query ever

Yaaics first query ever

All the basic features seem to be there and even though it is an early version it already has multi-server support which seems to work flawlessly.

Developer pocmo has posted a video on Vimeo, demonstrating his IRC client:

We’ll keep watching this client closely & wish pocmo all the best for his client and all of its future releases!

Have you tried it on your Android device? Will you switch your mobile IRC client in favour of Yaaic?

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