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IRC client Nettalk 6.7.4 released

Nettalk, a free and opensource’d IRC client for the Windows platform has released an update and is now available as version 6.7.4.

The multi-language client, whose interface is available in no less than seven languages, has had a few glitches fixed of which some would only be noticeable on Windows 7.

Nettalk Channelview

Nettalk Channelview

A bug with DCC resuming that possibly could have corrupted files has been fixed and there’s also a new feature in this release:

You can now search for commands by the description of what they do by entering /? on the input-line.

Confused? Then take a look at the following screenshot:

Nettalk Commandsearch

Nettalk Commandsearch

That looks useful and should mostly help new users getting used to the client or help veterans to remember commands that one only uses once every thousand years.

You can get the client from here – current Nettalk users can update by just executing /update.

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