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Yaaic Android IRC client 0.2 released

The Yaaic project brings us yet another release of their IRC client for the Android platform and is now available for download as version 0.2.

This new version – released just one week after v0.1 – has a few bugs fixed, features added as well as a few cosmetic touch-ups.

Developer pocmo writes in his announcement that he, despite the fact that he dropped the “Beta” from its name, still considers Yaaic to be in the Beta stage which it will most likely remain “as long as there’s a 0 at the beginning of the version number”.

57 commits have been made and a few nasty bugs have been squashed – One particularly nasty bug “causing some messages to appear in the wrong channels / queries” has been fixed which makes this new release a recommended upgrade.

UTF-8 is now the default encoding and according to pocmo there will be an option to choose one in a future release.

The download for version 0.2 can be found here and the complete changelog is located here.

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