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lightIRC 0.9.9 released

The free Flash IRC client lightIRC has been released on April 1st and that totally wasn’t an April Fools joke.

lightIRC 0.9.9 Channel View

lightIRC 0.9.9 Channel View

The webchat client adds new translations for Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan and Bulgarian and is now available in a whopping total of 20 languages.

The need to access an authentication-file on has been removed and therefore it can now run on a LAN without any kind of Internet-access.

lightIRC 0.9.9 Channel Central

lightIRC 0.9.9 Channel Central

There have been a few miscellaneous fixes and a little code cleanup according to author valentin and the changelog also mentions a feature removal – The proxy feature has been dropped since it wasn’t “running good enough for production environments”.

The download of version 0.9.9 as well as the complete changelog can be found here.

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