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irssi 0.8.15 has been released

The irssi project just released version 0.8.15 of their commandline IRC client.

This updated version fixes two security issues: a “hard to exploit” remote crash bug and one where the client didn’t check the hostname on SSL connections, so this release is a recommended update.

irssi 0.8.15 Channel View

irssi 0.8.15 Channel View

But besides quite a few bugfixes there are feature additions too: Among others, irssi now shows why a SSL certificate failed validation, paste detection has been improved and quiet-bans (+q) of Charybdis-based IRCds are now displayed in the channel window.

The full changelog can be viewed here and downloads for various Linux distributions as well as sources and links to the SVN repos can be found here.

Thanks for the tip go to Brad!

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