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Yaaic Android IRC client 0.3 is available

Yaaic developer pocmo just announced that he released version 0.3 of his Android IRC client which comes with quite a few enhancements and bugfixes – so lets have a look.

The first thing that immediately grabs the attention – for those that don’t follow the projects Twitter feed – is the addition of the new logo:

Yaaic Logo

Yaaic Logo

But there have been many under-the-hood improvements as well: You can now choose the encoding on a per-server basis and are not bound to the default UTF-8 as in the previous version. This version is also the first to support SSL encrypted connections but pocmo warns that the TrustManager currently will accept every certificate, valid or not.

Furthermore, this version is now able to connect to networks that run InspIRCd with the module m_antibear loaded which sends a numeric certain clients can’t handle – up to now, this also prevented Yaaic from connecting to them.

New features and commands that have been added in this release are /away, /whois and /help, which only gives an overview of all available commands at the moment, a facility to get a more detailed help on individual commands is planned for a future release.

The overall behaviour of the client has been improved – Highlights, connects and disconnects are now shown as notifications in the notification bar and in the event of a disconnect you’re asked if you want to reconnect, provided the app is running in the foreground. Speaking of running in the foreground: you may now suspend the app and it will keep running and stay connected in the background until you return to it.

The announcement also provides us with a short teaser video which i don’t want to withhold from you:

You can find the complete changelog for Yaaic 0.3 here and the download can be grabbed from here.

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