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KVIrc 4.0 RC3 is available for testing

HelLViS69 of the KVIrc project just announced that release candidate 3 of their IRC client in the 4.0 branch is available for testing.

The changelog sounds pretty interesting and the client seems to have gotten lots of new features and more than 200 bugs have been fixed since RC1.

In the announcement, developer HelLViS69 lists the new features in this build, such as an “automagical wizard to create theme packages, the new class editor (no more classes in aliases!), the smart nick coloring which permits to select your favourite fore/background color”.

But how about something revolutionary? Developer CtrlAltCa has something in store for us:

DCC Video Chat – yes, you read that right and no, this is no April Fools joke ;) But a picture says more than 1000 words:

KVIRC DCC Video Chat

KVIRC DCC Video Chat

The picture shown is from an early implementation of DCC Video and only uses SJPEG so the video quality should be much better with the current Ogg Theora codec. Sadly, this feature is currently only available for Linux users of KVIrc since it uses the V4L/V4Lv2 backends.

Developer CtrlAltCa however says that there will be a cross-platform implementation using Phonon as its backend, so multi-platform DCC Video Chat will be just a matter of time.

The complete changelog for KVIrc 4.0 RC3 can be found here and the download can found here.

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  • katsklaw says:

    Too bad video chat is actually old news. pIRCh, a long dead client, had the ability 12 years ago. pIRCh last updated in 1998 had “pirchvdo” long before most of todays younger admins ever knew about IRC.

    May client developers know that protocols like CTCP are open ended so many things can be adapted such as channel news tickers, video chatting, online bios or any other pass through protocol can and has been supported by ircv2 for many many years. Even before most IM’s existed Client developers are just too lazy to take advantage.

    April 30, 2010 at 2:21 am

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