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AndChat Android IRC client 1.2.9 is available

A new version of the Android IRC client AndChat went live just yesterday, so lets have a look:

AndChat Channelview

AndChat Channelview

Version 1.2.9 brings a few feature additions, a fix for a crash bug on “selecting [a] name in user list screen” and various other small improvements.

Unspecified issues with orientation changes have been fixed and the code regarding the scrollback buffer has been worked on to prevent accidental loss of it on pressing the D-Pad. To indicate new messages that currently are not in view, AndChat now displays blue arrows and the scrollbars have been hidden to save some screen estate and only show up when the text-area is pressed longer.

The app now has a setting for the number of reconnect-attempts it should make and switching between servers is now possible by pressing the volume keys.

The complete changelog for version 1.2.9 can be viewed here and the download is available from here.

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