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Quassel IRC client updated to 0.6.1

Developer Sputnick of the Quassel project just posted an announcement for version 0.6.1 of their IRC client.

Quassel IRC client Logo

Quassel IRC client Logo

In case you wonder where the announcement of 0.6.0 went, he writes that they skipped it because “shortly after tagging, we’ve discovered two serious bugs in that version. One could make the monolithic client try to select the PostgreSQL backend rather than SQlite; the other would lead to a crash on startup in some setups”.

In the announcement, he cites the following as the most notable new features:

  • Completely reworked client/core connection featuring the long-awaited reconnection and Solid support as well as a streamlined UI
  • Support for the new DBus-based system tray of KDE and, in some distros, Gnome (StatusNotifier spec)
  • Improved notification handling
  • Support for inputting formatted (colored/bold/…) text
  • SASL auth support (replaces NickServ e.g. in Freenode)
  • Several new languages and improved translations for already existing ones
  • Build system improvements

Version 0.7.x is already in development but he says that they will “maintain the 0.6.x branch in feature and string freeze at least until 0.7.0 is released” which means they’ll backport bugfixes where it makes sense but won’t introduce new features in the 0.6.x branch to “make packagers of freeze-loving distros happy”.

The complete changelog can be found here and the download can be obtained from here.

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