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ratbox-services updated to v1.2.4

ratbox-services, the services package for ircd-ratbox, have released version 1.2.4 in their stable tree.

ratbox services logo

ratbox services logo

Version 1.2.4 is mainly a bugfix release, one feature addition that this new version got is that you now can specify both the UID/GID and the path it chroots to on startup with a parameter.

Other than that, some inconsistencies with ChanServ enforcing topics have been rectified and it now “enforces topics whenever it is in the channel”. The handling of read-errors received from servers has been fixed as well as the configure-options of both MySQL and PostgreSQL which now take a path to a binary that will provide the compiler with information it needs to compile the respective support in.

The complete changelog for ratbox-services 1.2.4 can be found here and the download can be obtained from here.

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