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Atheme services packages releases version 5.1.0

The team developing the Atheme IRC services just tagged version 5.1.0 of their services package.

The new release brings a lot of bugfixes, feature additons and enhancements as well as a slew of modules that have been contributed to the project by other developers.

Also, a few changes have been made to the available IRCd protocols, mostly improvements and additions concerning InspIRCd support but also a new module which provides support for the Ithildin IRCd has been added. Support for the legacy hyperion daemon, previously used on freenode, has been dropped and support for ShadowIRCd has been updated.

Various helpfiles for the available *Serv’s have been added and updated, the same goes for all the added contributed modules. A taint subsystem has been added which “allows developers to programatically define unsupportable conditions”.

SaslServ has gained the AUTHCOOKIE SASL method which allows for integration with Iris, an AJAX IRC client that is a fork of and aims to be a drop-in replacement for qwebirc which is “designed to integrate with the Atheme IRC platform (including atheme-web) and with IRCv3 client protocol compliance in mind”.

NickServ was expanded with CERTFP support which allows for password-less authentication via SSL certificate fingerprints. The converter for Anope databases has been improved to support newer versions of Anope and has been reworked to be a bit more robust when handling encrypted passwords.

The download can be found here and the complete changelog is available here.

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