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KDE IRC Client Konversation 1.3-beta1 released, adds DCC Whiteboard [Update]

The KDE IRC client Konversation released version 1.3-beta1 this weekend which brings many changes to the table compared to the last release, version 1.2.3.

With this new version, Konversation now depends on KDE 4.3 and Qt 4.5 and also has gotten a few “interface tweaks, new keyboard shortcuts and many bugfixes [to] round things out” according to the announcement on their homepage.

The most exciting new feature Konversation 1.3 brings to the table is called “DCC Whiteboard” which brings “collaborative drawing – think two-player Kolourpaint – to IRC”.

To get an idea how this is implemented and how it looks like, see the screenshot below:

Konversation DCC Whiteboard

Konversation DCC Whiteboard

But that’s not all – Konversation 1.3 brings back “KDE’s SSL certificate store the KDE 3 version enjoyed” and also expands the support for “auto-away to the Windows and Mac OS X platforms thanks to both recent advances in the KDE 4 platform and new code in Konversation”.

There’s also a roadmap of features to be added/completed until the 1.3 final release which amongst other things also cites “World domination” as one of their goals – i for one welcome my new drawing IRC overlords.

Konversation 1.3-beta1 is currently only available as sourcecode for download here.

[Update]: Konversation 1.3 final was released on 8th June. Changes from -beta1 to the final version include fixes to the build process with KDE 4.3 and a few others.

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  • RichardG says:

    DCC whiteboard is rare and undocumented.

    I once tried to reverse-engineer it using a very old version of ViRC paired with mIRC and wrote a text file based on my discoveries – the only missing thing was color documentation.

    May 27, 2010 at 12:35 am

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