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Konversation Bugfix Release 1.3.1

The KDE IRC client Konversation pushed out a bugfix release shortly after its 1.3 milestone which brought support for DCC Whiteboard, a collaborative drawing extension.

According to their announcement, this minor release brings quite a few bugfixes and also reverts a regression that causes “data corruption or even loss of Watched Nicknames Online lists on application quit”.

Another thing to take note of is the improvement of RFC 1459 PING/PONG handling which might have caused users of bouncers to flood the IRCd when they attach to the same connection multiple times, possibly resulting in them getting kicked off of the network.

Konversation also moved their VCS repository again – to a self-hosted solution which is the second move after migrating to Setting up their own platform was necessary after it became clear that they couldn’t reach an agreement with Gitorious’ company Shortcut AS.

For the full announcement including all changes and bugfixes in Konversation 1.3.1 click here.

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