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A Day on QuakeNet

A nice visualization of a normal day on the “largest internet relay chat Network in the world” brings us meeb of QuakeNet:

He goes on to write that the video shows “one day of activity, 24 hours, midnight to midnight in UTC, on the QuakeNet IRC network summarised into a 12 minute data visualisation” and that “each dot represents a new user connecting to the network, there are some 400 new connections per minute on average in this visualisation”.

The data which the video was rendered of has been “collected strictly anonymously at a high level” by a network service that “already stores connection data in memory” meeb emphasizes.

Talking about the technical aspects of the video, meeb explains that the “final visualisation was produced using processing” – the total amount of data processed was 14GB that took about 8 hours on a fast PC according to meeb.

The resulting 1080p video was about 8GB in size for the 12 minute visualization and re-rendering that into a h264 video took “another 5-6 hours”.

For more information, read the original post here.

And yes, now i’m curious on how such a visualization would look like for other networks :)

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