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Mac's are Controlling Windows Systems

“What huh? Another platform evangelist?”, I can hear you ask. No, don’t worry, although, with the lack of realism some computers owners you might have to worry.

Mac OSX users long thought they were immune to attacks targeting their systems. This year however has seen quiet a few attacks towards OSX systems that opened the eyes of many ‘into’ OSX. In November Apple patched 31 vulnerabilities including a 0-day exploit.

Since then, more vulnerabilities have been found, including malware trying to exploit these.

For these Mac OSX users there is still something positive to be found in systems recently found infected and abused by such malware however. The systems in question were being used to host an IRC server which in turn was being used to control other infected machines, yes you guessed it already, which are computers using Windows as the OS.

Source: ZDNet

British ISP Helps Customers Keeping Their PC Clean

British ISP British Telecom implemented a new system where they will actively search and clean PCs from customers who have been found sending spam, with extra care to those who are believed to be a part of zombie networks which are also used in DDoS attacks.

Once such a system have been found the ISP either helps the customer to clean their system, or terminates the account, depending on whether the customer knowingly sent spam, or has been infected by malicious software.

UK: DDoS Will Jail You for 10 Years

A new law has been introduced in the UK which will put you in jail for a maximum of 10 years if you launch a DDoS attack. UK’s Britain’s Computer Misuse Act which was written well before the days of the WWW contained flaws that could possibly let DDoS attackers fall through holes in the law.

The new law includes these specific rules against DDoS:

* to impair the operation of any computer,

* to prevent or hinder access to any program or data held in any computer, or

* to impair the operation of any program or data held in any computer.

The new law, called Police And Justice Act 2006, also includes heavier sentences against accessing unauthorized computer access, from 6 months to a maximum of 2 years.

Spying on bot nets becoming harder

More of a blog type post then something you normally find here, but this article is more then worth your attention.

SecurityFocus has a very interesting article that explains how dronerunners are turning their backs on using IRC servers to control their drone-networks. Not really a bad thing, they are supposed to deliver a platform for people to have fun and chat on! But a downside is that people hunting the botnets down have increased difficulty in finding them.

The dronerunners are more and more relying on HTTP botnets.

Thanks to Stefano who passed the URL to me.

Zotob-coders Locked Behind Bars

The coders of the Zotob worm have heard their sentence in a Moroccan court. Farid Essebar, a 19-year-old programmer got 2 years of prison, and his accomplish Achraf Bahloul 1 year. A third individual is awaiting sentence in Turkey.

The two got arrested just 2 weeks after the worm started to spread. The worm infected systems from companies like CNN, The Financial Times, ABC and The New York Times. Systems infected were used to collect credit card data and perform DDoS attacks. The systems were being controlled from IRC channels.