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InspIRCd releases version 1.2.6

The InspIRCd project just released a new version of their IRCd in the stable tree which is now at version 1.2.6.

The release mainly consists of bugfixes where the most important ones fix another CPU spike issue and a possible crash when servers suffered a ping timeout – both fixes have been made in the spanningtree linking module.

Another bugfix in the form of a compile-fix made the LDAP Auth module work again.

The download can be obtained from here, the full changelog can be viewed here.

ratbox-services release version 1.2.3

ratbox-services, a services package for use with IRCd-ratbox is now available as version 1.2.3 in their stable tree.

ratbox services logo

ratbox services logo

They are “highly configurable, with nearly all options being set in a config that can be rehashed rather than set at compile time. It also uses the SQLite database backend, which works as a database interface to a normal file, meaning no seperate database software must be running”.

The new release has some feature additions for their channel listing service, ALIS, which now lets you search for channels with the +S mode (SSL-only channels). This release also fixes a +S/ALIS related “minor buffer overflow” at the same time.

Besides a small number of other bugfixes there also was a problem fixed with permanent bans set via chanserv that weren’t applying to users joining said channel.

The announcement on their mailinglist says that “everyone running ratbox-services-1.2.2 should upgrade to this version” so grab the download from here and perform the upgrade ;)

InspIRCd 1.2.5 stable and 2.0 beta 3 has been released

Shortly after the last two releases, the InspIRCd project released another bugfix release in their stable tree as well as another release in their 2.0 branch, which is now at beta 3.

The stable tree of the IRCd is now at version 1.2.5 which fixes the “crash-on-delink bug that 1.2.4 was intended to fix” but in the end only “one method of triggering the bug” has been fixed then.

Developer danieldg continues that this release is “more thoroughly tested” and also fixes a “100% CPU use bug in epoll that will require an ircd restart to fix if you have hit it”.

The 2.0 beta 3 release has the “same netsplit crash fixes as the 1.2 stable line, and a few other module fixes” with the most important change being that “DNSBL and GeoIP modules can now be used to assign connect blocks, which could be used to implement complex restrictions like only allowing TOR for valid accounts”.

The downloads can be found in the announcement here or checked out from their Subversion repository.

InspIRCd 2.0 beta 2 is available [Updated]

The upcoming 2.0 release of the well-known InspIRCd has a new beta release – being at beta2 now – available for download.

Developer danieldg writes in the announcement on their website that “enough has been done on 2.0 that it’s probably a good idea to release another beta”.

With this release, version 2.0 of the IRCd enters an “unofficial feature freeze” and danieldg says that “hopefully the protocol won’t need any further tweaks”.

Continuing the announcement he asks for beta testers of the upcoming new version that could test it “especially in a live environment” and stressed that version 2.0 is able to be linked to a network that is running InspIRCd 1.2 – to “get real network traffic”.

If you however don’t want to risk the stability of your real network – which shouldn’t be the case according to danieldg – you can also link an IRCd to the InspIRCd Dev/QA testnet.

If you feel like beta testing and want to link to their testnet you need to inquire about that in their IRC channel here.

A full changelog as well as a link to the download can be found here.

[Update]: Developer danieldg just announced a bugfix release in the stable tree – version 1.2.4 fixes just one crashbug that only happened on “certain netsplits that had been difficult to reproduce on test servers”. The download can be obtained from here.

InspIRCd stable 1.2.3 released

The InspIRCd stable tree has a new release and is now available as version 1.2.3.

The new version is mostly a bugfix release and developer danieldg cites “clone counting on CGI:IRC” as the “biggest fix this time, along with a bug letting users change to Q:lined nicks on their local server”.

Another bugfix worth mentioning is the fix for a memory leak in SetSockAddr that could be triggered by CGI:IRC clients – but there also have been feature additions, for example support for accountname-based InvEx extended bans (+I R:accountname)

The complete changelog as well as the link to the download can be found here.