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ratbox-services version 1.2.2 released

ratbox-services, a services package for use with IRCd-ratbox is now available as version 1.2.2 in their stable tree.

ratbox services logo

ratbox services logo

They are “highly configurable, with nearly all options being set in a config that can be rehashed rather than set at compile time. It also uses the SQLite database backend, which works as a database interface to a normal file, meaning no seperate database software must be running”.

The new version, aside from various bugfixes, also contains a fix for a potential user-triggerable crashbug.

According to the changelog, this crash could be triggered by “a user changing their email address with userserv” so this is a recommended upgrade if you are running these services.

The download for version 1.2.2 can be found here.

freenode migration to ircd-seven successfully completed

Just as announced, the migration away from the aged hyperion IRCd to the new ircd-seven started at 7:30am UTC – here’s a short summary of the events:

5 minutes early, christel of freenode staff announced via Global that she’s preparing the move:

-christel- [Global Notice] Good morning all! As you are aware we’re about to start the migration over to ircd-seven shortly, I am about to take a snapshot of the services database and copy across topics and channelmodes (bans, invexes etc). This means that any changes you make to channel modes or services after this point (on hyperion) will be lost. We’ll be a bit noisy as the migration goes on and will global to keep you updated. Thanks for your patience

Shortly after that she announced that a few servers will not immediately return into the main round-robin because they need upgrades:

-christel- [Server Notice] Hi, for users on calvino we would encourage you to make sure that your client is set to reconnect to main rotation ( as this server will not be immediately available after migration. Thank you!

-christel- [Global Notice] Hi all, services and channel states have now been migrated over to the new production network. We’re migrating utility bots/pseudoservers as we speak and we’re nearly ready for users. Users connected to calvino, crichton, kubrick, leguin and verne may wish to make sure they are re-connecting to as these servers will not be immediately linked on newnet as they are pending upgrades first. Thank you!

Just little over an hour later, christel posted an update via Global, declaring the switchover complete:

-christel- [Global Notice] Hi all, The migration is complete! newnet is up and running and you may now manually connect to, ports stay the same, however SSL listens on ports 7000 and 7070 if you wish to connect via SSL. We’ll be taking down hyperion servers momentarily and we shall see you on the other side! Thank you!

-christel- [Global Notice] The migration is complete and went smoothly, thank you for your patience while we transferred state from hyperion to seven, thank you to seven and charybdis developers for making ircd-seven happen and than you to freenodes infrastructure team for all getting dug in! Website FAQ is updated, as is our blog. You may wish to familiarise yourself with changes. Thanks!

The loophole that allowed users of the Firefox webbrowser to connect to the network via Javascript and spam channels has been fixed and a feature to block channel-wide CTCPs has been implemented in the new IRCd which is a major improvement and should keep the spammers at bay.

Another much-anticipated feature of the new IRCd is client- and server-side SSL which is now available on ports 7000 and 7070 network-wide. A possibly not complete list of new features and changes the new IRCd introduces can be found here, here and here.

Congratulations to the freenode staff team for the smooth migration!

New ircd-ratbox stable release fixes crashbugs [Updated]

Developer androsyn just announced the availability of ircd-ratbox 2.2.9, a new release in their stable branch – shortly after the release of a new version in their testing branch.

Upgrading is strongly advised since this release fixes 2 crashbugs that can be triggered by users.

The functions that potentially can lead to a crash of the IRC daemon are said to be “/quote HELP” and “/links”, however the exact commands are not mentioned in the announcement – we will update this post once more details are known.

The downloads to the updated IRCd can be obtained here.

[Update]: The testing branch seems to be affected too by one of these bugs and has been updated to version 3.0.6.

ircd-ratbox releases version 3.0.5

ircd-ratbox, the “advanced, stable and fast ircd” which is “the primary ircd used on EFNet” just released version 3.0.5 in their testing tree.

The release is purely a bugfix release as there are no new features been announced to come with it.

The changelog is as follows:

- fix a bug with reading help files
- add debugging in for dealing with a kline removal bug
- fix /rehash tdlines and /rehash bans so they actually do something with dlines
- compute the number of file descriptors passed correctly on freebsd/amd64 (and probably others)
- check for compiler support for various warning flags and add them
- add -fno-strict-aliasing as this is now needed for gcc 4.4
- GNUTLS code now picks up new keys/certificates on rehash

The download can be obtained here.

InspIRCd stable release 1.2.2, 2.0 enters beta stage

The InspIRCd project just announced the availability of a new stable release of their IRCd, 1.2.2.

At the same time, the new version 2.0 which was available as an early alpha release is now entering beta stage – a list of already implemented features and a general roadmap can be found here.

The new stable release of the IRCd mainly consists of bugfixes with one crashbug fixed that possibly could be triggered doing a /rehash.

The links to the downloads and changelogs can be found here.