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All about Internet Relay Chat Back Online

“I’d just like to let you know that is back online again,” admin Magic told me yesterday in a privmsg.

Magic was finally able to retrieve the files from the original server. “We have made backups of the entire script/file archive, all web files and the entire mysql database, compressed the site+file archive was over 750Mb and the database was 26Mb,” Magic said to IRC-Junkie.

The entire website is back online as it was when it went down. Only one exception: the project updates are disabled for now.  “We have disabled the project updates so no new files can be uploaded or updated until we have moved the entire site to a new server,” Magic explains. “The reason why we decided to disable the project updating was because we do not intend to make yet another backup of the archive and all files until we have moved to the new location. We will only make backups of the mysql database until we have moved to our new home.” Decisions about a new location are expected within a week as Magic is considering offers made by companies wanting to host the website.

To prevent this from happening again, additional to the daily backups of the MySQL database which already took place, offsite backups will take place more frequently now.

Undernet's Website Online Again

The website of the Undernet IRC network is back online. We asked one of the members of the webteam, Magic, why it took so long to get it back online: “It’s been down for about 2 month now, the reason it went down has to do with that the person who hosted it for over 4 years changed job and that seems to have effected the Internet connection he had from the ISP he worked for.”

Magic is also the webmaster of, which was hosted on the same machine, and is offline since then as well. We reported about that on the 10th of October, and in a comment Magic explained that the Undernet website was hosted on the same machine.

“[...] we have had problems contacting him, he changed email and such and he also seemed to have a lot to do at his new job”, Magic explained the long absence.

Most of the website is back up online now. There has to be a few DNS entries updated still, and the forum is pending a phpBB update before it is back up online.

We asked Magic if the webteam has anything new in store. “Well, it’s soon christmas and you have to wait for Santa  to see what he brings you ;-)

Finally, Magic hopes he will be able to contact the previous hoster soon so that can be put back online soon as well.

Edit: Both and were hosted by the same person, not the same machine. Excuses for the mixup. Experiencing Server Problems is a well known mIRC scripting website and IRC community  and is unavailable since last Thursday already.

“I am not 100% sure why is down,” admin magic explained to IRC-Junkie. “It happened when i logged out of the machine through ssh. It went nuts and seems cpu went 100% load. I’ve been unable to login to the server since then.”

Magic has been trying to contact the admin of the hosting location since, unfortunately without success so far.

IRCn Not Quite Dead Yet

Peace & Protection, aIRC and IRCn, just a few of all around scripts that build up a large userbase and respect in the IRC community over the years, but have stopped development a few years back. From one of them however, I got an email a few days back.

“Just as an FYI, we are not quite ready to officially declare ircN a dead project.  Granted we know the past couple years have been disappointing, but only because we’ve continuously leaned on a single individual to carry on the bulk of the project”, slakker told to IRC-Junkie in a reaction. Slakker and the current developers have been on the IRCn team for years and are planning to get back into action now.

Among the developments are the website that has been re-designed and the release of beta versions. “A lot of work still needs to be done, but we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to accomplish something that will live up to the name ircN has made for itself.”

Google's Desktop Search Tool Includes mIRC Plugin

Google released its Desktop Search Utility which was previously only available as a beta as full version now.

Running from the desktop it can perform searches over the Net, but also includes searches over the users’ own system. It will perform a quiet index of the users’ system and display matches above those found on the Net.

Possibilities include searching through your own email and viewed pages from Netscape, Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox. Google hired Ben Goodger for this task, who is a developer of FireFox. Other possibilities include searching through meta data in avi’s, image formats, etc.

The program also includes the possibility to extend the functionality with the use of plugins. One of such is Larry’s mIRC Indexer. From the page’s description: ” Use Google Desktop Search to search through your mIRC two-person private messages (PMs). mIRC is one of the most popular IRC applications on Windows.” The plugin’s source is also available.

One of the concerns users have expressed against the tool is that Google could effectively use the tool to spy on the systems of users, or display contextual ads. Google has so far denied planning such ‘functionality’.