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Anope IRC Services 1.9.2 released, adds InspIRCd 2.0 support [Update 2]

chaz of the Anope project announced version 1.9.2 of their services package in the development branch.

New features since the release of 1.9.1-p1 are the “modestacker” which allows setting and removing several modes by services in one line, the binary databases have been replaced by flatfile plaintext ones and an option for persistent channels which keeps BotServ bots in the channel even when it is empty has been added.

Anope now supports linking over IPv6 and also reconnects automatically if it detects the uplink has died. Where it was only possible to have one encryption method of your users precious passwords, you can now set to have two or even more – useful if an application which interfaces with Anope only supports old and broken hashing algorithms like MD5. InspIRCd development also continued at a high pace and this release now supports linking to the 2.0 versions of their IRCd.

Finally, this release features something that closely resembles Live SQL: Anope reads from a special “commands” table which contains normal Anope commands and is executed as a FIFO-style queue. The database gets updated immediately when commands are issued and commands executed from SQL are also near-instant, however developer Adam says he has “an evil plan for that”. chaz writes in his announcement that this feature will be “further developed/re-engineered in 1.9.3″ but he says it’s a “good start”.

Since the whole Live SQL thing is a new feature and even though it was thoroughly tested, the announcement contains a few words that you should take precautions:

As always, we encourage early adopters of development releases to exercise caution and take frequent system back ups knowing full well it might destroy your plans on a Friday night. We have been running 1.9.2 on Teranova for some time now and only uncovered a few unseen bugs. (This was on both Unreal and subsequently our migration to InspIRCd 1.2).

Networks that are running their services daemon on Windows will be missing out on the whole Live SQL business – apparently MySQL support on Windows is broken but it’ll be added when 1.9.3 is released.

Another thing to look forward to is that there will be a webinterface included in one of the upcoming releases and the developers note that they “welcome suggestions on our forum for functionality this could include”.

Probably trying to reduce the possibility to be hit by a similarly disastrous hack like it happened to the guys of the UnrealIRCd project, chaz writes that future releases “may include further security measures such as GPG/etc” in addition to the provided MD5Sums.

Even though the changelog seems rather short there have been changes to no less than 279 files with 31458 insertions and almost as much deletions according to this diff stat.

The announcement which includes the download link and further instructions regarding the upgrade process from 1.9.1 and MySQL-support can be viewed here.

[Update]: Anope 1.9.2-p1 has been released as a direct result from a few bugreports. Issues resolved include Windows-specific problems and fixes to the database converter – if you’ve experienced problems with either you’re advised to update.

The project is also seeking contributors for their upcoming releases – whether you’re a coder, webdev or a tester – if you feel like helping the project out you should get in touch with them.

[Update 2]: Patch release 2 has just been made available on the Anope website: InspIRCd 2.0 support has been extended, full m_customprefix (allows custom prefixes to be created) support being one of the added features in this release. Users of Anope 1.9.2 and 1.9.2-p1 are advised to upgrade since both versions contain a bug that may crash services when a nick expires.

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William "nenolod" Pitcock quits DroneBL

William “nenolod” Pitcock, founder and long-time operator of the DroneBL DNSBL, announced via a posting on their mailinglist that he’ll discontinue his work on the service “due to time and emotional constraints” “effective immediately”.

DroneBL DNS Blacklist Logo

DroneBL DNS Blacklist Logo

The DNS Blacklist is one of the few that is especially meant to be used for IRC Networks.

He writes that coming to the decision to quit having an active role was not an easy process but he deems the project mature enough that the community “can steer it’s future development focus” and notes that he’ll continue to provide hosting for the blacklist until the community has made appropriate “alternative hosting arrangements”.

nenolod hands over the operations part of the service to Alexander “OUTsider” Maassen which he says that many already know. nenolod notes that he shouldn’t be contacted about issues considering DroneBL anymore as he’d be unable to help from now on.

Closing the announcement, nenolod writes that it is now time for him to “begin work on other endeavours”.

IRC-Junkie wishes nenolod all the best, whatever those future endeavours might be ;)

Oh and yes indeed, thanks for all the fish!

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Atheme services packages releases version 5.1.0

The team developing the Atheme IRC services just tagged version 5.1.0 of their services package.

The new release brings a lot of bugfixes, feature additons and enhancements as well as a slew of modules that have been contributed to the project by other developers.

Also, a few changes have been made to the available IRCd protocols, mostly improvements and additions concerning InspIRCd support but also a new module which provides support for the Ithildin IRCd has been added. Support for the legacy hyperion daemon, previously used on freenode, has been dropped and support for ShadowIRCd has been updated.

Various helpfiles for the available *Serv’s have been added and updated, the same goes for all the added contributed modules. A taint subsystem has been added which “allows developers to programatically define unsupportable conditions”.

SaslServ has gained the AUTHCOOKIE SASL method which allows for integration with Iris, an AJAX IRC client that is a fork of and aims to be a drop-in replacement for qwebirc which is “designed to integrate with the Atheme IRC platform (including atheme-web) and with IRCv3 client protocol compliance in mind”.

NickServ was expanded with CERTFP support which allows for password-less authentication via SSL certificate fingerprints. The converter for Anope databases has been improved to support newer versions of Anope and has been reworked to be a bit more robust when handling encrypted passwords.

The download can be found here and the complete changelog is available here.

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ratbox-services updated to v1.2.4

ratbox-services, the services package for ircd-ratbox, have released version 1.2.4 in their stable tree.

ratbox services logo

ratbox services logo

Version 1.2.4 is mainly a bugfix release, one feature addition that this new version got is that you now can specify both the UID/GID and the path it chroots to on startup with a parameter.

Other than that, some inconsistencies with ChanServ enforcing topics have been rectified and it now “enforces topics whenever it is in the channel”. The handling of read-errors received from servers has been fixed as well as the configure-options of both MySQL and PostgreSQL which now take a path to a binary that will provide the compiler with information it needs to compile the respective support in.

The complete changelog for ratbox-services 1.2.4 can be found here and the download can be obtained from here.

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New Anope stable: 1.8.4

Anope developer chaz announced the immediate availability of a new Anope services release in their stable branch which is now at version 1.8.4.

Anope Logo

Anope Logo

The new release contains a number of “fixes and some further compatibility with InspIRCd 1.2″ but also some new features like tracking of deletes and clearings of XOP access lists and tracking of permanent channels have been introduced.

chaz reveals that there will be some new functionality for their module repository shortly which will “mass build” modules for each new release so prospective users don’t need to rely on the modules author to supply a pre-compiled version of his work.

Furthermore, he announces some of the changes one can look forward in an upcoming 1.9.2 development release which will have a new socket system and finally something that’ll closely resemble live SQL in the form of a “sensible and easy to use commands table which Anope will process at intervals so you can in theory do anything via SQL that you could do from an IRC client”.

In an unusual move, chaz dedicates this release to developer Adam who he says is “not only [...] a development machine but he’s a genuinely nice guy and we’re very grateful for the time and effort he puts into the project” and goes further to commend him to anyone looking for a developer: “If anyone in the real world is looking for a young developer with an incredibly bright future get in touch; he’s definitely worth your time”.

Closing the announcement he writes that “if you are interested in helping / working with us in any way please do get in touch (chaz [at], & thank you of course to our sponsors for their selfless kindness” and wishes “Happy Easter to those who celebrate it”.

The downloads can be found here and the full changelog is available here.

Happy Easter from IRC-Junkie to all our readers!

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