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IRCServices version 5.1.21 released

Andrew Church just released IRCServices version 5.1.21 which now officially are at their “end of life” and are no longer developed besides for bugfixing.

Although this comes as no surprise as Andrew has announced that beforehand it is still sad to see the services he maintained for 14 years now go stale.

In his last posting on the services mailing list he writes that he’s now “taking down the Services website and mailing lists shortly following this announcement” but also notes that he will “continue to accept reports of bugs which significantly affect security or stability and release updates to version 5.1 as necessary” but that there “will be no further updates to version 5.0 in any case, even for security-related issues”

The changelog for this last release is rather short and only has minor bugfixes:

2010/01/01      Updated documentation to reflect end-of-life status.
2009/11/10      Fixed a few bugs in importing XML data, and removed empty channel access list entries from exported XML data. Reported by Charalampos Pournaris
2009/11/07      Fixed minor memory leak and failure to apply CSAutokickMax setting in ChanServ AKICK ADD.  Reported by Charalampos Pournaris
2009/11/07      Fixed cosmetic bugs in some LIST commands and potential leakage of memory contents to database files.  Reported by Charalampos Pournaris

Closing his announcement he thanks “you all once again for your support over the years. Best wishes, Andrew Church”

Best wishes to you too from here :)

I’d also like to wish all readers a Happy New Year 2010 from IRC-Junkie!

Mibbit webchat updates

Mibbit, the popular webchat client for IRC, once again made a few updates to their service.

In the announcement they write that, due their tremendous growth, have “expanded from having a single backend for Widgets, to having 4 backend servers” which “also gives us failover, and an easy way to update backends without having to kick everyone off”.

Since all backends use the same IP, IRC networks that use Mibbit for their webchat don’t have to change anything.

The new features that were introduced with this update is WebSocket support, a feature currently only available in Google Chrome:

WebSocket is a system that allows a bidirectional tcp connection between browser and server. Mibbit can use this in place of Comet, in order to cut bandwidth and provide a faster experience for users. WebSocket is currently supported in latest Chrome dev channel. If you haven’t tried it yet, Chrome is an awesome webbrowser, especially for webapps like Mibbit.

Also, a lag-meter has been built in which “shows the current lag between your browser and the mibbit server” and even though this doesn’t measure the lag from mibbit to the IRC network they “plan to implement some lag features for IRC later on.” The lag is “logged on the Mibbit server in order for us to improve the user experience” and “if we find that lag from browsers in the UK is high, we may setup a UK backend”.

Closing the announcement they write

Once again, thanks for your understanding when we do have to restart a backend, we’re nearing a time now where we can do complete rolling updates and not have to kick anyone off.

It’s a real privilege to work on something that is used by so many people, and we really do appreciate your use of Mibbit. If you have any thoughts, ideas or gripes, please do feel free to catch me on

Happy holidays Mibbitians! :D

Happy holidays from here too =)

Atheme IRC services release version 5

Atheme, an IRC services package used by many mainstream networks – the largest being Freenode – is updated to version 5.0.

Aside from a host of fixes it now also provides BotServ and HostServ services.

Developer nenolod hints of another upcoming big addition: “There is also a web interface for atheme coming out on friday” but “it’s not quite done yet.”

We managed to get a preview of whats to be expected and grabbed a few screenshots of the webinterface in action:

Channel management from the web

Channel management from the web

Sending memos from the web

Sending memos from the web

So, if you’re using Atheme on your network, this certainly is something to look forward to :)

Anope support goes international

The Anope services project considers “opening up International Support Forums & expanding the use of International Language Specific IRC Channels on” according to this news-post on their homepage.

Developer chaz writes in the announcement that “if anyone is multilingual including English and wishes to maintain a channel for their language and/or Forum on our web forum” to email him and to elaborate on “why it should be you and not someone else”.

Good luck and happy supporting :)

Anope network services are updated to 1.9.1-p1

The Anope project released a new version of their services package today.

The network services from the development branch are now at version 1.9.1-p1.

Developer Adam notes that “this release includes a number of bug fixes that were found in 1.9.1, so users of the development branch are encouraged to update.”

The changes included in this release are the following:

F Remove modules_unload_all fini + hack that goes with it.
F Signal handling cleanup.
A Seamless fantasy support on all ChanServ commands, instead of requiring bs_fantasy_*.
F Allow fantasy to be disabled on some commands (e.g. FORBID).
F Some commands (e.g. !help) need to strip the pre-provided channelname from them.
D HelpServ removed
F Command parser cleanup: mod_current_buffer removed and replaced with proper parser. Commands now indicate how they want the buffer split.
F Make NS ENFORCE/RELEASE stuff more sane, redo timers.
A Opertypes (similar to InspIRCd’s opertypes)
F Support operoverride and such things (stop reversing changes from nonopped people where unnecessary)
(F=Fixed A=Added D=Deleted)

The download can be found here (md5sums: 3ebb8b958e9c99c40c3c7f37b5c1f4f9 anope-1.9.1-p1-source.tar.gz and ab3cb50bcd896ed8ae730b1e45d78419 anope-1.9.1-p1.exe)