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April Fools! :P

Ok, ok, i’ll admit it – we won’t switch to 1337, .-- . /  .-- .. .-.. .-.. /  ... .-- .. - -.-. .... /  - --- /  -- --- .-. ... . /  .. -. ... - . .- -.. .-.-.-

Just kidding *cough* – just as y’all have guessed it was an April Fools joke.. But hey, we weren’t the only ones to pull a little prank on that occasion.

The InspIRCd project announced the “latest greatest innovation in IRC technology” which is the “best thing since sliced bread,the InspIRCd-only /SACONNECT command”. But uhhh – what exactly is and does that?

Brain writes:

The /SACONNECT command is available for download now, and will connect a user to your IRC network on request. Simply by providing their IP address it will force the target address to start up their client and connect to your network whether or not they actually want to do so. If a client does not exist, the program will deploy an installer which will make sure the system is then IRC-capable, and connect them. Support is provided for Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac OS X. Of course, the module will be regularly updated using rules from the ‘nessus‘ scanner to ensure it is always able to do what it is designed for, which is bending the insignificant to your will as an IRC netadmin.

But that’s not all: “In the event the PC is not responding, a wake-on-lan signal will be sent to wake up the PC before initiating the groundbreaking technologies shown above.”

I for one welcome my new IRCd overlords :P

QuakeNet also played an elaborate hoax on its users – Starting midnight QuakeNets bot Q started spamming channels and users that they had earned achievements of one sort or another.


<@Q> [shroud] has earned the achievement [Q Obsessed]!
<@Q> [shroud] has earned the achievement [Stalker]!

Q also had gained a few new commands, for example to list and compare the achievements of 2 users. If you were lucky you could unlock titles and choose one of them to use.

QuakeNet staffer meeb stood true to the promise that there would be “some light hearted fun in the near future” he gave when we interviewed him and introduced the so-called Bossbot which he described as follows: “Bossbot simulates a WoW raid (if you have no idea what I’m going on about here you can probably skip this paragraph). You can team up with other users and take on the evil bossbot in #blackrockmountain.”

The achievements and Bossbot-battles however – as we would find out a day later – weren’t just an April Fools joke but are here to stay.

They’re now available on an opt-in basis rather than globally enabled which should please those that have been annoyed with the large amount of spam generated by the achievements.

Did you witness any other IRC-related April Fools? Post them in the comments!

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IRC-Junkie goes 1337

Starting today, IRC-Junkie will post their news in 1337speak.

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The IRC-Junkie iPhone App and merchandize store are now live!

For all you IRC-Junkies out there that can’t completely avoid going AFK for a walk in the park and the likes, i’m proud to announce that at least the iPhone owners among you are now able to read the news of their favourite website on the go – with the completely free IRC-Junkie iPhone App!

Also i’d like to announce the opening of our IRC-Junkie gear store – Feel free to browse it and take a look at the variety of merchandize it offers.

If you want to place an order and like to save a few bucks, take a look at the coupon codes here.

That’s all for now – hope you like the new offerings :)

Back in action :)

Just in case you haven’t noticed it by now, yes, the site’s getting updated again ;)

So, what’s new you ask? Glad you asked :)

Apart from subscribing to our RSS-Feed you can now follow us on Twitter and also can join our group on Facebook which will both be updated with new articles once they’re available.

One of the things that hasn’t changed is that we still depend on your tips, suggestions and comments on how to improve the site, what to write about and so on.

So, thanks for sticking around in the “dry period” and tell your friends we’re back ;)