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Site Changes, again

Yes, it’s that time of the year again :)

After quite some time of thinking what to do with the “old” websites code that i would have to customize to get some of the functionality i’d want to have, i took the plunge and moved everything to WordPress.

After quite a few tiresome days of importing posts and comments manually, installing things and cursing like a seaman i’m finally done :)

Please, let me know what you think about it – suggestions and everything are more than welcome.

Oh, and after i get some rest (and a few drinks at some bar i suppose) i’ll update the page with a few articles that have piled up in the meanwhile :)

Hi, my name is…

..phrozen77 and i am the new operator of this fine website.

First of, i want to thank Asmo for doing such a great job with it for oh so long, thank you and kudos for keeping up with it.

I hope i can keep the site up-to-date with interesting articles and tidbits from the big world of IRC just as he did.

He set pretty high standarts the last few years so i really hope i can fulfill the expectations of our loyal readers ;)

All the best wishes to Asmo and his family, i hope to still see you around here!

Domain and Site for Grabs

Lately I hardly found the time to put in this site to keep it a worthwhile read. Hence I’m considering letting it go to new hands. After running the site for more then a decade not a decision I took lightly…

The care of our son and other activities made me make this decision. There’s simply too little time to write anything like I used to do. Researching articles and writing an in depth article can easily take 3-4 hours which I simply can’t realize at this moment. Added on top of that I can’t spent as much time actually chatting on IRC either, so I’m starting to loose touch with the community itself.

I guess at this point it would be better if someone with fresh energy and motivation takes over and breathes new life into the site while its still accepted as a quality IRC site and linked from key IRC websites.

I never had commercial motives for the site, but at the same time I can use some income which is easily spent on my son or my other activities. I guess in the hands of an advertising savvy person it can easily make much more per month as I do now with Google Ads and the text-link ads on the bottom (which unfortunately cost me a few Google PR points right now, take ‘m away and PR 6 should pop back up).

The site will come with all the PHP source code (sloppy code, but should be understandable to anyone with basic PHP experience as I’m a n00b myself) and all news present in the database and of course the domain itself will be transferred to you. Once sold you will have to find hosting yourself as the current place is on a server of a friend.

If you have an interest please tell me your plans and bid over the form here. Again I have no commercial motives, but a year Google Ads/text-link income should serve as a decent minimum (currently about 60USD a month).

Site Changes

OK I know, this headline is one you’ve seen a few times before the past few months. In my rush to get phpBB out of the door I’ve probably took less time with the way things looked then I should have.

As you can see I changed back the graphics and color scheme of the old site (please shift-refresh if you don’t). I got quite a few messages of people preferring the old color scheme after the change, so I hope this fixes the way things look for a lot of people who expressed their discontent with the “neon look”.

Additionally I’ve added the Tripcode El_Rico suggested in the original post about the new site setup. As IRC-Junkie does not need setting up an account anymore in order to post we also introduced the possibility for users to act like they are someone else.

A tripcode is generated from a password which is entered into the nick formfield in the format nick#password. The # character forms the border between nick and the password. This tripcode is then displayed behind the nick listing the comments as nick!tripcode. More information about tripcode can be found on Wikipedia.