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In case you want to place a link on your site to, feel free to use the next banner:

Please download this image, and store it on your own server. Not only will you not be using our bandwidth, it will also be a lot faster for your site.

About becoming an affiliate of IRCJunkie
We regularly get emails if we can do a banner exchange with a banner placed on the side menu bar as we have on the home page. We have a certain policy about doing a affiliation with another IRC related website. We want the links in the sidemenu to be complimentary to IRCJunkie, not just another IRC website. We therefor have a few basic guidelines for affiliates:

    1. A website we affiliate with has to have content that is not present on IRCJunkie. We don’t engage into affiliations for the hits alone, users who will come here and like the website will come back anyway. This way we also guarantee our visitors that clicking on the buttons will bring them to a website which will have quality content which is worth to spend time on.

    2. We appreciate all efforts that networks put into getting new users. We can not however include networks in our link-exchange, or links page. We get such requests almost on a daily basis, and it would make the linkexchange sidebar or links page look like servers.ini ;) Both and have networks listings, you might want to contact the teams there.

    3. As our readers are all understanding the english language, we only link to english language sites, or sites that have the content available in the english language as well.

    4. We do not link to sites engaged in warez, pr0n, hacking, etc.

    5. Related to the above, scripting sites need to have a active monitoring to check scripts for backdoors, and websites offering other downloads need to ensure downloads are virus free.

    6. The website has to have enough content. A great idea is cool, but if the time necessary to add content has yet not really been put in, it’s still what it is, a great idea, but not a great site.

If you think your website fits the above description, feel free to contact the webmaster, and we will see what we can come up with.

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