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IRC clients

mIRC Windows, all time favourite.
KVIrc Cross-platform and open source
irssi Open source and cross platform, textmode
BersIRC Windows, freeware
BitchX Unix console, seems to be favourite on all flavours of unix.
Epic Unix client with good scripting and bot features
Xchat Unix GUI. It also releases an Windows version as shareware.
Silverex (X-Chat 2) is releasing freeware Windows builds.
XChat-WDK HexChat Improved X-Chat, Freeware.
Ircle Macintosh.
Snak Macintosh, great IRC client.
Amirc Amiga client, dont forget: you need MUI to run it.
Lirc another Acorn IRC client. More feature rich according to some(and I cant check that ;) )
upIRC for users who like to IRC on their PalmOS
Valinor these guys have a very complete list up of clients for a bunch of OS’s.
ScrollZ console client based on ircII.
IceChat freeware Windows client.
jmIrc zsIRC Freeware (for non-commercial use) client for mobile devices.
Smuxi, cross-platform, F/OSS, GUI and core seperated
Quassel, cross-platform software, GUI and core seperated
BitlBee, IRC to IM gateway, F/OSS
Colloquy, Mac IRC client, also available for the iPhone
HydraIRC, Open source client for Windows
DMDIrc, free open source client written in JAVA
Konversation, KDE / Linux client, open source
Nettalk, Free / Open source, for Windows
Chatzilla, a Firefox plugin for IRC
ThrashIRC, Windows IRC client, Trial
LimeChat, Mac OS X, Windows and iOS
Textual, Mac OS X – Commercial


CRT, very nice shareware telnet/SSH program.
Putty, freeware Telnet/SSH client.
FileZilla, excellent freeware opensource FTP client.
7Zip, freeware file (de-)compression program, supports 7z, ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, CPIO and RPM.
Geektools Whois client, excellent little tool to search up abuse handles for IP’s and hosts.
RSSOwl, a free cross-platform RSS Reader – recommended!

IRC websites, the original home of IRC.
History of IRC, probally one of the many stories, but here it is for the interested :o )., shame on you if you need this!
Fantasy Name Generator, need to come up with a cool new nick? Check out this fabulous site. Click a button, and it generates tons of cool nicks., lots of statistics on all major networks. Defenitally worth to browse by every once in a while. a quotes database, check for hours of entertainment
SearchIRC, search engine for IRC.
IRC Soft Russian language website with news, articles and downloads.

Bot stuff, THE bot if you are searching for an all round bot. Possibilities are endless by using one or more extra addon scripts that are downloadable freely over the net.
EggHeads, another good eggdrop resource.
Windrops,The name sort of says it already, Eggdrop bots compiled for the Windows OS.
Piespy, this is a bot that makes image files and animations of social diagrams in a channel.


PsyBNC, the (IMO) overbloated BNC.
muh, a simple bouncer
ZNC, THE full-featured bouncer, has a webinterface
sBNC, another full-featured bouncer


IRCU, the Undernet server software.
GNUWorld, Undernet’s EUWorld oper services.
Bahamut, the popular Dalnet server software.
Bahamut community, a forum where you can discuss pretty much everything that concerns bahamut.
Unreal IRCD, another popular IRCD software
rfc1459, the IRC protocol.
CTCP and DCC Protocol, in case you are a scripter this is interesting.

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