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Anope Being DDoS'ed

“The Anope server continues to suffer a heavy DDoS attack, but don’t panic!” Anope’s Angelic announced on the SearchIRC forum.

Anope is a popular set of services in use on many IRC networks.

“Anope was attacked by a user ( KEvin of ) after he joined Anope’s support channel on IRC and requested help”, Angelic told IRC-Junkie in a reaction. “Unfortunately all our @’s were afk at the time and he wasn’t happy when no one responded to his question within five minutes.”

In a private message to Angelic he said the DDoS would continue untill he was helped to his satisfaction.

“I answered his trivial question by directing him to the relevant part of our documentation and the attack slowed. He then rejoined Anope’s support channel and took offense at a comment made by one of our users regarding DDoS kiddies. He was kick/banned, started the DDoS again and said it wouldn’t be stopped until we unbanned him.”

At the heights of the attack traffic was reaching 100GB a day. The provider has since pulled the account for a week and presented the team with a bill for 1000$ for excess bandwidth consumption.

“The relevant authorities, both in the UK (where KEvin resides) and the US (Where one server was hosted) have been informed and because of the monetary loss we are hoping appropriate action will be taken”, Angelic continues.

“We would like to thank everyone who has offered us support, specifically SearchIRC for hosting our temporary forums and the guys at Quadspeedi for helping us secure new IRCD hosting and offering expert advice, along with all Anope’s users” Angelic ends.