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Beirut and Tanks, They Go Well Together

No, no, IRC-Junkie won’t go into politics. This is about a game, trust me! The users of IRC that go back a few years might remember the game Tanks for mIRC. Development was halted for quite some time, but recently the game has gotten a new share of fans.

“It has become a success on Beirut network in early 2006 when I have included the game in my script which is used by the majority of the users. And since 2005 we reached around 18.000 downloads which has boosted the tanks players,” said Stefano, network founder, in a reaction to IRC-Junkie.

“I assumed interest had faded since every time I checked the server list recently, nobody was playing,” said Andy to IRC-Junkie, the developer of Tanks. Andy was contacted by Stefano that the game was far from dead and still in use on his network. “I suppose it was dead only in my mind.”

The game has been used in inter-network battles, such as between Beirut and Rusnet. But also DALnet and Undernet channels have came by for a small tank battle now and then.

The renewed interest have so far not led to new development into the game itself. Other then a bugfix no other development has been planned. “The only other change is that I have provided a link to the channel #games on the Beirut network.  This will allow players to find others interested in Tanks and start up a game or even play some other game together.”

Andy is almost done getting his Master’s degree in Computer Science and has little time to put into the game. “What I would like to do is make it a Windows program instead of an mIRC script so it will run faster.  I expect some day I will find the time.”

Beirut IRC Network 2nd Anniversary

The Beirut network celebrated its 2nd anniversary on the 21st of this month. “I’m glad to see it surviving two winters so far” network founder Stefano explained to IRC-Junkie. “Definitely it has become the main middle eastern IRC network today. But it wasn’t easy”. The event was celebrated in Beirut with toast, dinner, champagne, cakes and fireworks on a party with 164 people.

The network was founded after Stefano was experiencing problems on the former network of his choice Undernet. “I had a big channel on undernet.. #beyrouth with an average of 130 users sized and the channel site was 2000 members within one year only and 1500 profiles with photos.. I noticed that all these people had to do nothing with undernet but joined there just because of our friendship and atmosphere.”

As the channel grew also the problems grew: flooding, multiple users on a single IP causing innocent users being Glined, users without an ISP email so they could not register a username, etc. “So at the end I got sick of the situation, having a dozen of complaints of users everyday not able to join irc … so I thought its much better if I provide my own services and server so at least we could halt the lame ones.. And truly it has worked.”

The network is also a bridge between different cultures that are not always on friendly terms in the middle east: “I am proud and glad that on our network you may find a user with a nickname Israeli, and another with hamas for example, or hezbolla and Americans and Finnish and Germans.. and all together chatting in the same room and in peace.”

The friendly chat environment has not gone entirely unnoticed. Even an Israeli newspaper has written an article about the network.