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EFNet Switches to OpenChanfix

EFNet’s global voting body has voted to switch its Chanfix reopping service to the opensource OpenChanfix.

“EFnet has traditionally been a network of multiple implementations”, OpenChanfix coder Garion explains to IRC-Junkie. ” We are running several compatible ircd versions, and that seems to do well. When it turned out that the maintainers of the current chanfix didn’t have the time to fix bugs and add features, Beige and I decided to write our own chanfix. Apparently the EFnet admins prefer this implementation over the current chanfix, because they voted to use OCF from now on.”

One of the big benefits of OpenChanfix is that each server admin is able to add/modify his own opers in OpenChanfix, instead of having to rely on a “god”-user.

“Another advantage is that OpenChanfix is a bit more picky about who to give ops when reversing a channel takeover, thus making it more likely that the channel is returned to its “rightful” owners instead of ending up in the possession of the takeover people again”, Garion explained.

The OpenChanfix team recently has been expanded with Alan “alz” Milford, who has been helping to port OpenChanfix to ircd-ratbox, as the service is more stable on that ircd instead of running on ircd-hybrid.

Together with the vote for the service, also a new services team have been voted for; Garion from the OpenChanfix development team, Hardy to represent the Canadian EFNet portion, Mofo for the European portion and finally Entropy for the U.S.A..

EFNet introduces Global Glines

EFNet is going to implement global glines. Previously, glines were only required on the European section of this network.

The vote, called for by Hardy, calls for glines with duration times from not less then 6 hours, to a maximum of 7 days.

“If the vote is approved, all servers will be required to activate glines within a 14 day period”, the vote explains. “Failure to comply will result in the server(s) being removed from the network.”

The glines were accepted with 10 no, and 18 yes votes.

EFnet tests OpenChanfix

EFnet reports it will be testing the OpenChanfix variant of its Chanfix service. It is not a test to see if the opensource variant can replace the current Chanfix however.

Garion, one of the two OpenChanfix coders, said in a reaction to IRC-Junkie: “This is not a replacement, but a test to see whether OCF is really ready for production. Of course we have tested it extensively, but it is extremely difficult to create a good test environment which is a perfect copy of EFnet. That’s why we’ve decided to test it on EFnet itself.”

After the two week test period the original service will replace the OpenChanfix service again. “What will happen after that cannot be said yet of course. OCF can turn out to be a disaster, or it can be so good that admins decide to vote on using it instead of (or in conjunction with) the current chanfix code. Therefore any changes afterwards will only occur if EFnet admins vote for the changes”, Garion continues.

Garion does not expect much difference in the meanwhile for any users using the service. “The OpenChanfix service tries to behave as similar to the original chanfix as possible. This, and the fact that we’ll be using the nick CHANFIX2, will hopefully make sure not too much confusion occurs among EFnet users”, Garion ends.

Update: The “old” Chanfix is also opensource these days.