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IRC Wiki – 2nd Anniversary

2 years ago, the IRC-Wiki has been created to provide a central place for all things that relate to IRC.

Some might argue that Wikipedia is a better place for that but as some people can assess it isn’t due to their idiotic strict notability guidelines.


Fast forward 2 years and IRC Wiki is still thriving and the only one remaining from the 3 that have been mentioned in that past article. One of them has merged into IRC Wiki soon after the article has been written and to date the Wiki consists of 650 pages and 5000 edits in total.


About 180 users have contributed to it, though the majority of editors is due to a new feature: network pages.

There, registered networks can put up information about it, integrate statistics  from SearchIRC and and much more.


IRC Wiki Network Listing Page

IRC Wiki Network Listing Page


In the early days, IRC-Wiki was using LionWiki and migrated to MediaWiki due to user requests for features that are only present in MediaWiki. That move was done manually, article-by-article by Bertrum and Trixar_za.

Even though that was a labour-intensive task, Trixar_za regards it as “the best decision they made because of the sheer number of MediaWiki extensions, especially the security related ones – considering how many Wikis are overrun with spam these days”.


Today, the Wiki holds lots of information for all kind of IRCds, IRC clients and software for IRC networks but there is still a list of articles that are yet to be created – not to mention there’s always room to improve and expand current articles.


So, if you haven’t yet: browse over to IRC-Wiki and help them out, be it by adding your network to their index or filling the Wiki with information!

A Wiki for all things IRC

IRC-related information can sometimes be hard to come by – with resources either being outdated, unmaintained or due to a lack of interest completely gone offline and forever lost in time.

Wikipedia and other Wikis are a good source for all kinds of information and to a certain extent also for content pertaining IRC – but articles that are to be found today might be gone forever tomorrow due to Wikipedias strict – and sometimes idiotic – notability guidelines.

When an article isn’t considered notable enough it then is put up for deletion and on a special page a discussion is held for and against the deletion of said article. In the event that there is no consensus regarding the deletion, most of the time the article is kept.

However, quite a large number of articles that would have been regarded being notable by the IRC community at large haven’t had much luck and have been deleted from the “free encyclopedia that anyone can edit” – which has raised many debates if their deletionism is completely out of control or not.

To have a comprehensive source, a few brave folks have set out and created a Wiki that is only for and about IRC-related content, free for anyone to edit and contribute. Since it was only started at the end of March it is still lacking much in content but according to them it already is the “largest IRC dedicated wiki in the world”.

People that want to contribute should take a look at the listing of pages that still need to be completed or improve one of the already existing pages.

We wish IRC-Wiki all the best and hope that many will contribute to it.

What is your experience and opinion on Wikipedias deletionism regarding articles about IRC?

Addendum: Of course, there already are a lot more IRC-related Wikis out there but for once, i’d like to see some collaborative effort -_-

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