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Konversation Bugfix Release 1.3.1

The KDE IRC client Konversation pushed out a bugfix release shortly after its 1.3 milestone which brought support for DCC Whiteboard, a collaborative drawing extension.

According to their announcement, this minor release brings quite a few bugfixes and also reverts a regression that causes “data corruption or even loss of Watched Nicknames Online lists on application quit”.

Another thing to take note of is the improvement of RFC 1459 PING/PONG handling which might have caused users of bouncers to flood the IRCd when they attach to the same connection multiple times, possibly resulting in them getting kicked off of the network.

Konversation also moved their VCS repository again – to a self-hosted solution which is the second move after migrating to Setting up their own platform was necessary after it became clear that they couldn’t reach an agreement with Gitorious’ company Shortcut AS.

For the full announcement including all changes and bugfixes in Konversation 1.3.1 click here.

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KDE IRC Client Konversation 1.3-beta1 released, adds DCC Whiteboard [Update]

The KDE IRC client Konversation released version 1.3-beta1 this weekend which brings many changes to the table compared to the last release, version 1.2.3.

With this new version, Konversation now depends on KDE 4.3 and Qt 4.5 and also has gotten a few “interface tweaks, new keyboard shortcuts and many bugfixes [to] round things out” according to the announcement on their homepage.

The most exciting new feature Konversation 1.3 brings to the table is called “DCC Whiteboard” which brings “collaborative drawing – think two-player Kolourpaint – to IRC”.

To get an idea how this is implemented and how it looks like, see the screenshot below:

Konversation DCC Whiteboard

Konversation DCC Whiteboard

But that’s not all – Konversation 1.3 brings back “KDE’s SSL certificate store the KDE 3 version enjoyed” and also expands the support for “auto-away to the Windows and Mac OS X platforms thanks to both recent advances in the KDE 4 platform and new code in Konversation”.

There’s also a roadmap of features to be added/completed until the 1.3 final release which amongst other things also cites “World domination” as one of their goals – i for one welcome my new drawing IRC overlords.

Konversation 1.3-beta1 is currently only available as sourcecode for download here.

[Update]: Konversation 1.3 final was released on 8th June. Changes from -beta1 to the final version include fixes to the build process with KDE 4.3 and a few others.

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KDE IRC client Konversation releases version 1.2.3

The Konversation IRC client – a “user-friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client built on the KDE Platform” – has been updated to version 1.2.3.

Konversation Channel View

Konversation Channel View

Version 1.2.3 is a hotfix release that “improves upon an earlier fix, originally included in Konversation 1.2.2, that increases the reliability of Konversation’s interaction with the D-Bus inter-process communication daemon”.

Apart from that, the earlier update to 1.2.2 included loads of fixes for DCC-related functions like DCC Chat and DCC file transfers, stability fixes that address a number of crashbugs and most notably a “change addressing the high CPU usage some users have experienced with Qt 4.6″.

The full length changelog can be found here and the download is available from the Konversation homepage.