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New Anope stable: 1.8.4

Anope developer chaz announced the immediate availability of a new Anope services release in their stable branch which is now at version 1.8.4.

Anope Logo

Anope Logo

The new release contains a number of “fixes and some further compatibility with InspIRCd 1.2″ but also some new features like tracking of deletes and clearings of XOP access lists and tracking of permanent channels have been introduced.

chaz reveals that there will be some new functionality for their module repository shortly which will “mass build” modules for each new release so prospective users don’t need to rely on the modules author to supply a pre-compiled version of his work.

Furthermore, he announces some of the changes one can look forward in an upcoming 1.9.2 development release which will have a new socket system and finally something that’ll closely resemble live SQL in the form of a “sensible and easy to use commands table which Anope will process at intervals so you can in theory do anything via SQL that you could do from an IRC client”.

In an unusual move, chaz dedicates this release to developer Adam who he says is “not only [...] a development machine but he’s a genuinely nice guy and we’re very grateful for the time and effort he puts into the project” and goes further to commend him to anyone looking for a developer: “If anyone in the real world is looking for a young developer with an incredibly bright future get in touch; he’s definitely worth your time”.

Closing the announcement he writes that “if you are interested in helping / working with us in any way please do get in touch (chaz [at], & thank you of course to our sponsors for their selfless kindness” and wishes “Happy Easter to those who celebrate it”.

The downloads can be found here and the full changelog is available here.

Happy Easter from IRC-Junkie to all our readers!

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Anope stable 1.8.3 is out

The Anope project just announced the availability of another release in their stable tree, version 1.8.3

New in this release is the official support for InspIRCd version 1.2 which the services have been lacking before.

Other than that, lots of bugs as well as a few memory leaks have been fixed and 3 language files have been updated (French, Turkish and German).

Developer chaz writes in the announcement that they have “taken the decision to move to Visual Studio 2008 for our precompiled Windows versions” and that “this means that if you do not already have 2008 Runtimes you will need those but as several module authors have already moved to this version you may already have them”.

He cautions to “take a known good back up and perform testing in a testnet environment with your current databases and modules before considering upgrading your live network. We would however recommend anyone using any versions of 1.6, 1.7 or 1.8 to update as soon as possible”.

Closing his announcement he writes: “We would like to extend our thanks to the networks which helped us test this new version and would welcome anyone else to get in touch to help us form a ‘Release Testing Team’ in order to provide a more structured and efficient testing and release pattern”.

The downloads can be found here and the full changelog can be viewed here.

Atheme IRC services release version 5

Atheme, an IRC services package used by many mainstream networks – the largest being Freenode – is updated to version 5.0.

Aside from a host of fixes it now also provides BotServ and HostServ services.

Developer nenolod hints of another upcoming big addition: “There is also a web interface for atheme coming out on friday” but “it’s not quite done yet.”

We managed to get a preview of whats to be expected and grabbed a few screenshots of the webinterface in action:

Channel management from the web

Channel management from the web

Sending memos from the web

Sending memos from the web

So, if you’re using Atheme on your network, this certainly is something to look forward to :)

Anope support goes international

The Anope services project considers “opening up International Support Forums & expanding the use of International Language Specific IRC Channels on” according to this news-post on their homepage.

Developer chaz writes in the announcement that “if anyone is multilingual including English and wishes to maintain a channel for their language and/or Forum on our web forum” to email him and to elaborate on “why it should be you and not someone else”.

Good luck and happy supporting :)

Anope network services are updated to 1.9.1-p1

The Anope project released a new version of their services package today.

The network services from the development branch are now at version 1.9.1-p1.

Developer Adam notes that “this release includes a number of bug fixes that were found in 1.9.1, so users of the development branch are encouraged to update.”

The changes included in this release are the following:

F Remove modules_unload_all fini + hack that goes with it.
F Signal handling cleanup.
A Seamless fantasy support on all ChanServ commands, instead of requiring bs_fantasy_*.
F Allow fantasy to be disabled on some commands (e.g. FORBID).
F Some commands (e.g. !help) need to strip the pre-provided channelname from them.
D HelpServ removed
F Command parser cleanup: mod_current_buffer removed and replaced with proper parser. Commands now indicate how they want the buffer split.
F Make NS ENFORCE/RELEASE stuff more sane, redo timers.
A Opertypes (similar to InspIRCd’s opertypes)
F Support operoverride and such things (stop reversing changes from nonopped people where unnecessary)
(F=Fixed A=Added D=Deleted)

The download can be found here (md5sums: 3ebb8b958e9c99c40c3c7f37b5c1f4f9 anope-1.9.1-p1-source.tar.gz and ab3cb50bcd896ed8ae730b1e45d78419 anope-1.9.1-p1.exe)