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Yeah Right >:)

Obviously that was a lame attempt at an April Fool’s joke >:)

Naturally IRC-Junkie wasn’t the only one attempting:

InspIRCd announced The WOW Starts Now! The project would turn commercial with paid version ranging from Home Basic to Commercial. A free version named Basic would remain available. W00t explained: “It will continue to be available free for those of the world who cannot afford to pay for licencing. It includes an executable file built for redhat 5.1 on the 286 architecture with egcs 1.0 which may or may not work. YMMV.”

Undernet announced over WALLUSERS the merger with QuakeNet: “DuCkTaPe $ In 5 minutes undernet will be going offline for approximately 8 hours to facilitate our merger with quakenet. All quakenet channels will be given existing Undernet channels. Sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll be back soon.” Naturally over wallops some user comments were shared like concerns over loosing their channels and others.

QuakeNet announced a new sponsorship setup, Meeb on the network website: “From today all users who use our channel service Q will have to agree to our new terms and conditions which state your details on QuakeNet are solely owned by us. We will be setting your hostname to paid adverts. This is a unique advertising model allowing you to pay for as many ‘impressions’ as suits your marketing budget. Your advertisements will be in shown as the host names of users on the network, allowing for a subtle yet powerful delivery of your message to an active and rich demographic.”

Got any others? Add them below as a comment!

QuakeNet Overhauls Q

The QuakeNet IRC network did a major overhaul of its major channel service Q.

“As many of you have noticed we’ve just upgraded our main channel service, Q, to a new version,” meeb announced on the QuakeNet website.

The upgrade consists of a complete rewrite of the bot and includes all old functionality and adds some new ones. Channels who previously used L have been upgraded to the new Q as well.

Bot response messages to commands have been changed. IRC-Junkie tried to ask QuakeNet whether problems have risen with scripts depending on these messages but we have had no reply.

New functionality includes channel statistics, channel- user- and personal-flags, new give owner command and lots more which can be found described in detail here

QuakeNet Updates IRCd

“It is with great pleasure and much fanfare that we can now announce that the recent maintenance to the entire QuakeNet network was completed successfully” meeb announced on the QuakeNet website. QuakeNet uses an IRCd based on Undernet’s IRCu, and the current modified version named Snircd replaces the previous IRCd in use on QuakeNet named Asuka.

The new version includes new, or updated channelmodes: updated +m (regular users (no op or voice) can not change nick), updated +r (regular users can’t send anything to the channel or change nick), new +M (users can join the channel, but not speak or change nick) and finally new +T. “The NEW channel mode +T disallows any multi-target messages that are sent with PRIVMSG (normal messages) or NOTICE. This blocks (for example) anything sent by /AMSG with certain clients from showing in channels with +T set” according to the website.

Other changes can be found in commands /auth, /silence, /who and /list, and a few changes in the ident.

All changes are explained in depth in this post.

QuakeNet permanently GLines T-dialin

“Due to continued abuse, t-dialin will be permanently glined at 22:00 GMT today” we can read today on the QuakeNet website.

We asked Magpie, admin on QuakeNet, what type of abuse forced QuakeNet to Gline this large German ISP. “The majority of the abuse tends to be impersonating services in an attempt to steal users’ Q account passwords, and thus take over their channels. The abuse is not limited to this, however, and also includes mass spamming, spreading of Trojans and so on.”

Naturally, QuakeNet did tried to contact the ISP in question in order to try and resolve abusive issues, but the ISP lacked cooperation in handling the abuse reports. “There have been numerous emails sent in the past, to no avail. However, I believe a staff member did manage to corner a T-dialin employee at CeBIT this year, so we’ll have to wait and see whether or not this helps matters”, Magpie explains.

Finally, Magpie explains that if ISPs would assign users unique IPs, it would be much easier to handle abusers.  “This sort of thing causes us no end of problems as an IRC network, with users of particular ISPs able to simply rejoin with a new IP within seconds. I’m sure you’ll agree that having to ban large swathes of users in order to take out one abuser is a far from ideal solution.”

QuakeNet's Support Channel introduces Ticketing system

“We are currently trialling a new system for user support in #feds”, meeb announced on the QuakeNet website.

During the test period, users requiring assistance will need to join #help, and explain their problem there. The #help staff will then supply a ticket for #feds, if an oper is required to solve the problem. During this testing period, #feds will be an invite only channel. With that ticket you can invite yourself during a 2 day time period into #feds.

We asked Magpie how the invitation works, and if nick changes or disconnects will affect your invitation period. “Tickets are associated with a Q account, so if you reconnect all you need do is reauth to Q and you will be able to use your ticket (provided it has not expired) to invite yourself into #feds.”

One of the first reasons you might think off to introduce such a system might be to protect #feds against join floods. “Flood attacks were not really a problem before, due to channel modes that allow only authed (with Q) users to join, although they are essentially impossible now”, Magpie replies. “… it removes a lot of the load from #feds, allowing the IRC operators present to focus their time on users really needing help. The ticketing system allows users to be vetted before being given a ticket, to ensure that time that could be spent helping legitimate users is not wasted.”

Although a few bugs had to be ironed out already, Magpie is pretty confident this system will see improvements for both users and help staff. “The fact operators will have more time to concentrate on users with real problems should mean #feds staff, and especially users, will be very satisfied with the new system. Should the trial prove successful – and I imagine it will – the system will become permanent” Magpie concludes.