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Nessun Goes to Jail

In May 2004 IRC-Junkie reported about the ongoing problems for the IRCHighway network caused by DDoS. In June of this year Jason Michael Downey, known as Nessun and owner of the network Rizon, was arrested for these problems.

This PDF outlines the sentence Nessun heard on the 23rd of this month. We can read: “Jason Michael Downey, the operator of “bot network” of virus infected computers that he used to attack other computer systems, was sentenced to a year in federal prison today on his conviction for unlawful computer intrusion that caused over $20,000 in damages to other computer networks, United States Attorney Stephen J. Murphy announced today.”

After the jail sentence Nessun will have a 3 year supervised period during which he will need to ask permission before he can use a computer. He will also have to pay $21,110 in damages to the (IRC) networks the DDoS was aimed at. Finally he will have to do 150 hours of community service and pay a $100 special assessment.

During speaking out the sentence judge Edmunds explained that computer crime has a serious impact on society and that a severe punishment was in order.

United States Attorney Stephen J. Murphy said, “The so-called “bot-masters” on the Internet should realize that attacking and damaging other computer networks through a bot-net can land you in prison.  We have the capacity to investigate and prosecute these high tech crimes and we will continue to do so.  I commend the FBI for the excellent investigative work they did in this case.”

Nessun: "Because I Could"

Nessun, owner of the Rizon IRC network, has been named before on this website as source of DDoS attacks. IRC-Junkie was unaware that one of the three suspects reported about in the “FBI Arrests Three Botherders” article written 10 days ago, namely Jason Michael Downey, is in fact the same Nessun.

Downey, 24, has pleaded guilty for operating a botnet and computer fraud. Asking his reasons behind performing DDoS attacks U.S. District Judge Nancy G. Edmunds heard his reply: “I was doing it because I could, more than anything,” Downey replied. “It was a dumb thing to do.”

With a plea agreement he can face up to 24 months in prison and pay a $40,000 fine. A total of $21,000 may have to be paid to cover costs resulted from his attacks.

Downey will hear his sentence on October 10th.

Rizon DNS outtage was due to DDoS

A few days ago we reported about a DNS outage at We got in contact with Ksd, a service operator at Rizon, who gave us as explanation; “The error it appears was caused because the owner of the domain filled in random letters and numbers for the contact information address which was flagged.”

After the article was posted we got a number of logs and emails showing a completely different story.

[23:07:13] <static> someone reported our dns and dos’d the shit outta NS and client servers

[23:07:31] <static> gay registar just froze it without emailing or anyth

Static is a developer and admin on the Rizon network. We got back in contact with Ksd and he commented “At the time of the submition, the reason given was thought to have been the cause.” On the log itself he commented “Sounds about right”.

“It was payback from a bunch of pissed off users of other nets that Rizon has ddosed earlier. You know the story.. Everyone does, but noone can prove a thing”, one person said in a reaction to IRCJunkie.