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Smuxi is out, extends CTCP support & adds ignore filters

Smuxi, the “Smart MUltipleXed” IRC client was updated to version on Friday.

The new version contains 13 new features, fixes 29 bugs and is now available in 4 new languages – Portuguese, Danish, Finnish and Catalan, of which the latter two are currently only partially translated. Six already existing translations have been updated and project lead meebey asks interested parties to contribute and further improve them.

Interesting new features include the freshly added linemarker which inserts a red line where you last looked into the channel, a private message window or the Twitter tab – see the below screenshot:

Smuxi 0.7.2 Main Window on Linux

Smuxi 0.7.2 Main Window on Linux

Even more interesting is the new filter capability this release introduces: You now can ignore events and messages using both regular expressions as well as wildcards, giving you quite a bit of flexibility on which events you’d like to dismiss.

Smuxi 0.7.2 Filter Preferences on Linux

Smuxi 0.7.2 Filter Preferences on Linux

The titlebar of the client has gotten some work too and now shows activewindowname @ network – programname which is useful if you want to see at a glance where the text you’re typing is going to – who didn’t post or paste something into the totally wrong window at the most inappropiate time yet?

CTCP support has been expanded too and the client now replies to CTCP TIME, CTCP FINGER and CTCP USERINFO. Probably of more practical use is the new logging function – currently Smuxi can log to file and uses a logformat that is almost similar to the one of irssi – besides the timestamp which prepended to entries in full.

For the future, more logging backends are planned and may include “SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and such” says developer meebey. Also on the roadmap for a 0.8 release is a plugin architecture but it “remains to be seen” which features this will support.

The complete list of changes, additions and fixes can be found in the 0.7.2 roadmap and if you got curious you can grab the download for Windows and Linux from here.

Thanks for the tip and the pictures go to meebey himself! ;)

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Smuxi bugfix release 0.7.1 available

3 weeks after the last release, Smuxi developer meebey presents a new release of his IRC client, covering a few important issues.

In his announcement, he lists the most notable ones being “important crash fixes, seen and unseen highlights are now remembered when reconnecting to the smuxi-server, improved error tolerance for temporary Twitter issues, fixed /join command and adaptive excess flood handling”.

Another highlight is the new, though only partial, translation to Catalan by Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals.

The full changelog can be found here and the download is available here.

Smuxi 0.7.0 released – now with Twitter functionality

Smuxi 0.7.0“the user-friendly and cross-platform IRC client for sophisticated users for GNOME / GTK+” – has just been released.

Smuxi is a client that seperates its core and GUI so you don’t necessarily need to run both on the same machine which, if you run the core on a server, gives you bouncer-like features like being always online.

One of the new features introduced with this release, amongst a host of bugfixes and new features, is support for the microblogging service Twitter.

Since it is the first release to have that functionality, the features for Twitter it provides¬† are still a bit sparse: “It supports the friends timeline, replies view, and direct messages. The character counter, Reply-To feature, and avatar support will follow in later releases”.

Smuxi Twitter timeline

Smuxi Twitter timeline

The core has had a few improvements too and Smuxi is now able to “flawlessly handle network connections with high latency which are common with UMTS, WLAN, and busy DSL and cable lines”. Further, “all communication between the Smuxi frontend and the Smuxi server is now done as a background task using threads. This gives Smuxi a very responsive feel – just like a normal, locally running application – even with difficult network conditions”.

Smuxi channelview and userlist popup

Smuxi channelview and userlist popup

Additionally the used color-scheme has been reworked so “that the text colors used in the tabs are easily readable, regardless of your GTK theme.¬† It does this by using the proven-reliable color-contrast algorithm used by Smuxi to generate nick colors”.

The full changelog is a tad long to include, but you can find it here and the download for the platform of your choice can be found here.