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QuakeNet Updates IRCd

“It is with great pleasure and much fanfare that we can now announce that the recent maintenance to the entire QuakeNet network was completed successfully” meeb announced on the QuakeNet website. QuakeNet uses an IRCd based on Undernet’s IRCu, and the current modified version named Snircd replaces the previous IRCd in use on QuakeNet named Asuka.

The new version includes new, or updated channelmodes: updated +m (regular users (no op or voice) can not change nick), updated +r (regular users can’t send anything to the channel or change nick), new +M (users can join the channel, but not speak or change nick) and finally new +T. “The NEW channel mode +T disallows any multi-target messages that are sent with PRIVMSG (normal messages) or NOTICE. This blocks (for example) anything sent by /AMSG with certain clients from showing in channels with +T set” according to the website.

Other changes can be found in commands /auth, /silence, /who and /list, and a few changes in the ident.

All changes are explained in depth in this post.