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SorceryNet Celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary

“I am contacting you to make you aware that the 28th of December will be SorceryNet’s 10th year anniversary” network director Daniel Smith said to IRCJunkie. “To mark the special occasion we have decided to hold a logo contest.”

Sorcery is currently ranked as the 37th network on SearchIRC.

More details about the contest can be found here. Participants can sent in their artwork up until the 9th of January, so no hurries!

Cookie.*'s delink draining Sorcery?

Word got to IRC-Junkie about the delink one of the last 2 client servers on Sorcery. This leaves the network now with 1 client server, 1 backup server and services, all being run from the same location.

Cookie.*’s admin announced the delink himself: “As of March 1, 2005, will be delinking. I’ve had a good time the 5 years I’ve been here. I’ve watched the network grow from a small one of about 12 users to a large one (in my estimation) or 5000 users. [...] I know that I am not able to add the value that this network needs, and ‘m finding my attention drifting to other pursuits, so a graceful goodbye is in order, I believe.”

We asked Sorcery’s network admin Onno if running the entire nework form basically one machine can seriously affect the stability: “The obvious problem is the single point of failure. However, this has always been the case for our services and mailing lists as it’s hard to make these things redundant. This means the only real difference is the number of client servers.”

“If we’ll end up with one client server, we’ll have less netsplits than before ;-) , but in case of an outage of this one server the entire network will be down. Fortunately, this server’s connection is pretty reliable and I don’t forsee any problems with it. More importantly, I don’t think we’ll get down to one server, so it’s a moot point.”

An application for a new client server last week was rejected 1-1. Onno however told IRC-Junkie that a number of applications for client servers have been received, of which one might be up and running beofre Cookie.* delinks.

During the period this article was forming Ryan, admin on DarkMyst, contacted IRC-Junkie; “The other day DarkMyst had quite a jump in registrations, apparently cookie.* plans to delink as of March 31, apparently many of the users intend on relocating to DarkMyst. Which means that, unless SorceryNet magically produces additional servers, the entire network will be operating on a single point-of-failure, and one has that proven to be unstable over the course of the past few months”

“A lot of ex-SorceryNet servers and staff have relocated to DarkMyst because of our level of stability. The users are following them. Not only server stability, but also administrative stability. There aren’t the fights or politics that have existed on SorceryNet”, Ryan continues.

Ryan additionally said to have been invited into a channel with channel managers on Sorcery to discuss moving networks. “Their intention was to move as a group, since so many roleplayers play in different channels.”

When confronting Onno with the above, he replied: “for some reason they tend to see us as their big competitor that needs taking down, and think they have to interfere with everything we do. (behing our backs, preferably).”

“We don’t understand why there has to be any hostility between different networks, and we’re definitely not joining them in their attempt to spread rumours about the other and get as many users as possible to move over. To us, DarkMyst is just another network and therefore not relevant. It’s our own network we have to keep running, not theirs or anyone else’s.

They weren’t relevant in any of this either, no matter how badly they want to. :-)