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Undernet Introduces Chanfix

Rumors have been going around for a while already on Undernet about the introduction of a Chanfix service introduction. A bot with the nick chanfix was online, but with a realname “Chanfix is not yet available on Undernet.”

Yesterday, Undernet officially announced the new service with a network wide notice inviting users to join #Class and learn about the new service:

-LiveEvent- The UnderNet User Committee will be presenting a LiveEvent concerning ChanFix for users of the UnderNet and IRC. To attend, please type /join #Class now. Thanks, and please do not reply ;)

Chanfix is a service originated on the EFnet network, and is coded to help users maintain their ops on channels. EFnet traditionally never offered channel services, such as X on Undernet. On Undernet however, it is quite hard for users to get X on their channel  because of the strict requirements. Especially for the smaller channels it is hard to get registered.

Chanfix, as it is implemented on Undernet, will automatically reop channels (with a minimum of 4 users) as they become opless. It will constantly gather data regarding who is opped, and will automatically reop the users with the highest score. Scores are kept together with the username the user is logged in with, not with the hostmask of the user. So at least one, but preferably a few users of a channel needs to be logged in to X for this service to work for that channel.

Update: The Undernet User Committee who organised the event have released the logfile for reference here.

Undernet's Website Online Again

The website of the Undernet IRC network is back online. We asked one of the members of the webteam, Magic, why it took so long to get it back online: “It’s been down for about 2 month now, the reason it went down has to do with that the person who hosted it for over 4 years changed job and that seems to have effected the Internet connection he had from the ISP he worked for.”

Magic is also the webmaster of, which was hosted on the same machine, and is offline since then as well. We reported about that on the 10th of October, and in a comment Magic explained that the Undernet website was hosted on the same machine.

“[...] we have had problems contacting him, he changed email and such and he also seemed to have a lot to do at his new job”, Magic explained the long absence.

Most of the website is back up online now. There has to be a few DNS entries updated still, and the forum is pending a phpBB update before it is back up online.

We asked Magic if the webteam has anything new in store. “Well, it’s soon christmas and you have to wait for Santa¬† to see what he brings you ;-)

Finally, Magic hopes he will be able to contact the previous hoster soon so that can be put back online soon as well.

Edit: Both and were hosted by the same person, not the same machine. Excuses for the mixup.

Undernet Adds NOADDUSER Command

Undernet added a new command to its channel service. The command sets wether you allow other people to add you to new channels.

Requested by users and opers, it is especially usefull for those people who keep finding themself added in channels without their knowledge.

To set, use /msg x set noadduser ON, and to unset use /msg x set noadduser OFF

Undernet CService Admin Account Compromised

Last weekend an account of a high level CService admin got compromised which caused some havoc on this top 5 IRC network. CService is Undernet’s channel service and is responsible for the channel service bot on the network, X.

For the account to be compromised the malicious person used social engineering and got the ISP of the admin in question to trust him and supply him with the password of the email account of the admin.

Once compromised, he used the high level access to cause some havoc in a few channels. His actions were noticed quickly however. An CService admin said to IRC-Junkie that all of CService’s actions are extensively logged and thus all actions were being rolled back to their original state leaving no permanent changes.

This event is a prime example where it shows that the human is still the weakest link in (online-) security.

"Oops!" at Undernet

A little typo in a GLine caused major effects on the Undernet network today.

The result of the typo was that the entire network got GLined with the reason set for the user the GLine was meant for: infected! Advertising infecting web sites. Clean this computer! )

As a result of the events the entire network fell apart, and servers had to be reconnected one-by-one. On the IRC statistics website Undernet dissapeared completely from the Top 25 list, where it normally can be found in the top 3.

The error was a combination of a cut&paste error and a never before seen bug in the services an Undernet admin told IRC-Junkie in a reaction.

Maybe one good thing came out of this however, as many people might have checked their computers for malware!