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lightIRC Flash webchat releases 0.9.8

The lightIRC project just released version 0.9.8 of their free Flash webchat which contains a bunch of bugfixes and feature additions.

lightIRC Webinterface

lightIRC Webinterface

The biggest improvement probably is that the client now offers “basic SSL support” which is still marked being beta at this point.

A whole host of new parameters for better customization has been added – you now can predefine the ident, realname and quitmessage the client uses. Also a new translation has been added, lightIRC now speaks Polish ;)

A detailed changelog as well as the download can be found here.

lightIRC Flash webchat is updated to version 0.9.7

The lightIRC project just announced a new version of their Flash webchat, 0.9.7, which has the “longest changelog ever” and that it is “going straight to version 1.0″.

The list of bugfixes and feature additions is indeed pretty long – two new translations have been added (French and Albanian), you can now save your nickname and preferences so it remembers them once you come back and it also supports highlighting of your nickname now – to name just a few.

The UI also had a few usability improvements – /whois output in the user central looks cleaner now and the default bans are now set to match *!*@host instead of nick!*@*.

The full changelog as well as the download can be found here.

lightIRC flash webchat releases 0.9.6

lightIRC, the “fast, free, flash-based IRC client written in ActionScript 3″ just released version 0.9.6 of their embeddable webchat.

Quoting their webpage, “lightIRC supports channels, queries, a lot of IRC commands, some CTCP commands and is much customizable through StyleSheets” and also has “multi language support” as well as a “nice GUI to set kicks, bans and channel modes”.

lightIRC Webinterface

lightIRC Webinterface

Since this version, lightIRC got a webcam feature which uses the Red5 streaming server as its backend, though thats currently only available on their IRCd – but you can contact the author if “you are interested in purchasing the webcam extension for your IRC network”.

The complete changelog reads as follows:

  • Added buttons and icons for a better user experience. If you do not like it, the old lightIRC GUI can be restored with showNavigationBar = “no” and showActionsButton = “yes”
  • Right-click menu for the user list offers features to ignore/kick/ban/op/query users with one click
  • The commands /ignore nick, /unignore nick, /ignores make you able to mute people
  • Added translations for Dutch (nl), Swedish (se), Finnish (fi), Romanian (ro), Estonian (ee), Serbian Cyrillic (sr_cyr) and Serbian Latin (sr_lat)
  • Clicking a nickname in the chat area selects that user in the user list
  • Commands can be put into the parameter “perform” and will be executed on connect. Example: “/mode nick +x,/msg nick2 hello”
  • User list does not scroll to top anymore if a user joins or parts
  • Refactored user list sorting algorithm again (much faster in channels with many users and lots of joins/parts)
  • User list in channels is now draggable and can therefore be resized. Initial width can be set through userListWidth to any value >= 130 or 0 to hide the user list completely
  • Font color resets automatically to default if +c is set in a channel
  • Parameter “fontSize” lets you adjust how large fonts in text input and chat area should be displayed. It defaults to 12px
  • Changed the parameter infoLineColorCode to infoLineColor that takes now RGB values: default is #fc7f00
  • New sound for message alert
  • Parameter “doubleClickForQuery” (default: “no”) disables the user central and opens a query upon doubleclicking a nickname
  • Fix: Topic overflows the available space
  • Fix: When using /msg #channel or /msg nick the message will not be displayed to the chat area
lightIRC userlist popup

lightIRC userlist popup

You can find the download here.

Mibbit webchat updates

Mibbit, the popular webchat client for IRC, once again made a few updates to their service.

In the announcement they write that, due their tremendous growth, have “expanded from having a single backend for Widgets, to having 4 backend servers” which “also gives us failover, and an easy way to update backends without having to kick everyone off”.

Since all backends use the same IP, IRC networks that use Mibbit for their webchat don’t have to change anything.

The new features that were introduced with this update is WebSocket support, a feature currently only available in Google Chrome:

WebSocket is a system that allows a bidirectional tcp connection between browser and server. Mibbit can use this in place of Comet, in order to cut bandwidth and provide a faster experience for users. WebSocket is currently supported in latest Chrome dev channel. If you haven’t tried it yet, Chrome is an awesome webbrowser, especially for webapps like Mibbit.

Also, a lag-meter has been built in which “shows the current lag between your browser and the mibbit server” and even though this doesn’t measure the lag from mibbit to the IRC network they “plan to implement some lag features for IRC later on.” The lag is “logged on the Mibbit server in order for us to improve the user experience” and “if we find that lag from browsers in the UK is high, we may setup a UK backend”.

Closing the announcement they write

Once again, thanks for your understanding when we do have to restart a backend, we’re nearing a time now where we can do complete rolling updates and not have to kick anyone off.

It’s a real privilege to work on something that is used by so many people, and we really do appreciate your use of Mibbit. If you have any thoughts, ideas or gripes, please do feel free to catch me on

Happy holidays Mibbitians! :D

Happy holidays from here too =)

Quakenet.Org Web-Chat Released

Today, has announced the release of their new web-based chat client:

“We’re pleased to announce that our brand new webchat client is now out of testing and live for public use. The webchat client is the best way to connect to QuakeNet from a web browser, and offers many many excellent features such as full integration with QuakeNet and our “Q” channel service bot.”

Of course, we decided to take it for a spin.

The client comes up with a nice and simple window:

Webchat Introductory Screen

Webchat Introductory Screen

I assume you know how the next part works :P

Once you’re connected, you’re presented with a simple, but clean interface.

Chat Screen!

Chat Screen!

The interface is minimalist in nature. You have (going from left to right)  the menu button, status window and channels. The options menu is well designed; there are enough features present to enhance basic functionality of the web client, without bombarding the user with things that they would never really use. The status and channel windows are both visually identical to mIRC; excellent for giving users a sense of familiarity.

The online functionality of the client was impressive. You have access to all your basic functions (whois, ctcp, kicks, bans etc.), something which other web-based clients don’t necessarily have all of (such as Mibbit). Although you miss some of the bells and whistles that you would get with a full IRC client (such as text formatting and some nickname menu functions), it’s certainly nothing to scoff at so soon after release, especially since the development team behind it (which you can find on #dev on the network) will be continuing to develop and improve the client as bugs and feature requests make their way to them.

Overall, the webclient released by the Quakenet team is a sound one. It’s an easy-to-use client that serves as a great tool for both those who are new to the realm of IRC and the more experienced users who don’t have access to IRC in locations such as the workplace. You could even go so far as to recommend it as a tutorial ‘tool’ as a way to formally introduce new people to IRC. It has much of the functionality of a full IRC client, as well as a dedicated team to keep it going. It’s a great day for the Quakenet denizens who want to check in from elsewhere in the world!