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wsIRC Webchat is now at version 1.0

wsIRC, a new webchat client, is now at version 1.0 – their first release version.

wsIRC Channelview

wsIRC Channelview

As you can see from the screenshot, the most important functions are already there: right-click menus for miscellaneous functions such as /WHOIS or /PRIVMSG’ing users, a Channel-Central to handle the most basic modes and bans. Registering your nick or channel through a simple popup is implemented and the usual buttons for smileys, font-color and style are available too.

Even without registering, your settings are remembered (if you wish to do so) and available when you go online the next time. If you register with wsIRC you can even create simple client-side scripts which you then can use anytime you log on IRC with their client.

Another nice toy that has been implemented is what happens when someone posts a link to a YouTube video: you’ll then see a small preview picture of it in the channel or PM window – neat!

Embedding the client into your own website is allowed and encouraged – there’s a simple tool that lets you create an IFrame or direct link with the options you chose which you then may embed into your site – great for providing your visitors a simple option to engage in your community.

wsIRC Embedding Code Generator w/ Preview

wsIRC Embedding Code Generator w/ Preview

To keep abusers at bay, the service puts your real IP into the GECOS/realname field and also checks the DroneBL DNSBL.

The webchat also offers a mobile version which works on iPhones and Windows Mobile devices as well as others when “a good JavaScript support is offered”.

All in all i really have to say it’s a nice client, even more so when you consider it is just at version 1.0 – i’m curious what more they can come up with :)